What kind of "inspections" do you offer?

With exception to the Buyer’s Inspections, and pre-listing inspections, What other types of inspections do you offer?

Review Inspections? (After a pre listing inspection, going back and going over the report with the buyer of the property, possible 2nd inspection also depending on package purchased)

Home Check Up Inspections?? (Inspection performed for homeowners that have an interest in maintaining they’re homes)

Home Check Up Plans?? (homeowners/buyers pay an initial fee for X-year membership. Gets an inspection every year)

Anything else??

I inspected a back hoe once for 50 bucks.


Funny, I inspected a hoe once but it cost me fifty bucks…what gives!!!:mrgreen:


Her name wasnt Natalie, was it? :wink:

Guess you don’t know the right hoe’s!!! :cool: