Digital Draw Network

I just received a call from a rep for this Company. I live in a very open rural area and thier standard $40 fee is out of the question. Dickering on fee, But I would like a little history. Anyone with opinions and/or history with this Co.
Thanks for your input.:slight_smile:

Digital Draw Network will go with whoever will do the work for the least amount of money. Period… If you negotiate a higher fee than what they initially offer, life will be good untill they find a cheaper guy!! Personal experience.

They pay on time every month…I do not have any probs other than the $40 per inspection, I dont break my back to get them done…good fill work about 15 min for the actual inspection and about 15 min to complete the online report once you get adjusted to it. I only accept the inspections that are not out of my way.

They are a good company that pays on time. :smiley:

I have been with DDN for about a year now. If the property is over 20 miles from my home office, I always ask for an exception fee of $20 or $30 to cover fuel/time. They have never turned my request down for the exception fee and I get paid on time every month. I have had a very good experience with DDN.

Good experience. I’ve asked for extra for jobs out of the way. I just do it as filler work...but the extra is nice.

I’ve done hundreds for them and they pay every 2 weeks.

The reason I negotiated for more money is because alot of the inspections were near my house but in unmarked areas( in the middle of the desert). Alot of the inspections required 4 wheel drive to get to the property. I would sometimes spend 45 minutes just trying to locate the property… DDN found somebody that was willing to spend the time for less $$

Same here… I’d recommend them. Good people to work with as well.

Probably Dan Harris. He’s from that area ain’t he.

I have had no problems with DDN. Always pays on time and it is good easy fill work. Lately I have averaged about 2 inpections a week. Thats $80.00 an hour with only taking 30 minutes an inspection. The people you talk to at DDN are very nice and friendly. Try it and make your own decision. No money out of you pocket to try.:slight_smile:

Chief Dave

Thanks, again you’ve come thru. I’ve also done some more lookin’ thru the archives and found that the majority seems to say " give it try, they are good folks." NACHI rocks.

I just checked my books and I’m at $11,900 so far this year doing draws. Not bad for the time spent.:slight_smile:

I too live in a rural area. I got set up with DDN , they called, I did the inspection. They are very nice people to work with. They paid on time also. Problem is, they sent me an email asking me to let them kow if I was willing to work an expanded area and what fees (ball park) I wanted for that. I send the form back with a little note explaining that I thought their fee structure was a little low for the area I had to cover, and have never heard from them again. Colo. is one of thier lowest fee rates I believe. Oh well…maybe I’ll give them a buzz and see whats up. But I am not going to work for nickles when gas is over $3.00 a gallon ! :cool:

Heck, time for me to check with them…I only get 35 bucks per inspection from them. They are pleasant to work with and never create any hassle if you turn one down.


Darn right… He’s only 3 hr from me… give me 25.00 and I’m there, in my new HHR Panel that gets 28-30 MPG…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Now I know who to look out for!! Whats a HHR Panel?

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I have found that you can ‘lose’ an inspection from them if you’re not available. I’ve been doing draws for DDN for a couple of years (just got back from a 'Cepter Ride to one in Beresford Hall) and have lost several.

I’m also a USAF Reservist and when I have to be unavailable I put in ‘vacation’ on their website. I have done many houses from lot clearing through the final inspection. Many I have only done three or four on.

What I have derived is this: if you’re available when the draw drops you get it if you did the previous draw for that property. If (for whatever reason) you’re unavailable the inspection is sent to another inspector, he then has it until the cycle is somehow disrupted…

But they are super nice to talk to, I call them all the time (even when the address is on the text I get) :mrgreen:

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