$40 Draw Inspection with DDN - Digital Draw Network - anyone make more?

Hey Guys,
I have done about 25 inspections for DDN (Digital Draw Network) but they pay me $40 for each inspection I do… I will only accept inspections within my service area, no more than 15 miles away.

Does anyone make more than $40 for their service area? I guess it depends on supply and demand of inspectors too???

I would think that $50 - $60 is more reasonable, but wanted to check with other inspectors…

Let me know,

I don’t think you will find anyone here that would not agree that their fees seem low. I think of it this way. Including travel, these take me an hour or less to complete. That works out to $40 per hour that I would not have made sitting on my butt waiting for the phone to ring. If, by some miracle, they give me more that one at a time, the rate per hour goes up.
I get to meet more of the builders and workers and have got a few referrals from them. While I am out, I usually do some other form of marketing.

My biggest complaint about DDN is a scheduling issue. They usually send the assignments late in the afternoon and want it done within 24 hours. They will bend that a little if you call them but they will call at least once long before that extended time period is up.

Sure, the pay could be better but compare it to Clear Capital. They pay $15 per inspection. They send it out to all the inspectors in the area at once. You have to sit at your computer waiting for them to send something. Then it’s like playing whack-a-mole to try and get a few of them.

I got DDN last year a lot higher but have had 0 work from them this year

They might have found another inspector that will work for less


I have given them an area that is only five miles for my home district and anything else outside of that goes up to $75.

That’s what I get from them. In 6 months, haven’t gotten a single inspection from them. I contacted them and they say they haven’t gotten squat for orders in my neck of the woods.

Doesn’t matter what you bid it up to, as soon as they find somebody to do it for the $40 again, then you won’t get any more calls in that direction. Pretty simple really. They like 25 miles out, but for that price, 5 miles does seem about right, gas costing what it does.

Hi! Neil;
That’s the problem, everyone says i’m not doing anything anyhow so why not work for peanuts. I had one company that was giving me 75 instead of the 50 untill some other inspector did it for 50 and knocked me out of the box. If all inspectors got together and shot for a desent amount everyone could at least make a profit istead of just gas money and peanuts. It’s great like they say fill in jobs but all we are doing is cutting off our noses. Sure I know it’s bussiness but they are getting good money and giving us peanuts. This is a problem that all inspectors should get together about and we could get a better price. Just my opinion

Its the same old story.If someone will do it cheaper, they will get the job.

Think of it like buying beer at a ball game. If we would all boycot and not pay $7 for a beer, they might lower the price. Unfortunately that will never happern.

Yea, bought 2 beers at the Dolphins game this past saturday and it was $14.00 :shock: that’s not counting the $8.00 crap pizza and the stale $9.00 Nachos

I happily take their inspections, they fill in well during slow periods. It can get tedious when it’s busy, but I’d rather be too busy than too slow. My last pay period had 28 inspections on it for two weeks. All but one was within 10 minutes of my house.

Worth it to me during a slow (dead) real estate market.

I have questions about draw inspections:
What is your insurance requirements?
Have they been trending downware because of the market?


DDN %&%&%&%$(#(#(#(#

just my $ .02
Thanks Rick
Home-Check of Georigia

Haven’t gotten anything from Granite either.

I have yet to get anything from Granite or Trinity.

Thats great, all within ten, but what about the one that are 30 away??? That’s a hours just driving???:roll:

I figure they all balance. I would rather have the 1500 I made last month from DDN than the 0 I would have gotten waiting for the phone to ring.

When only 12 houses in a county sell in a month, every source of income is welcome!!

I really didn’t mean to ruffle anyone’s feathers. If anyone can come up with a viable way to get them to raise their rates, I would support it. The problem is, we on this board are but a smalll percentage of NACHI. Not to mention the other associations and the folks that don’t belong anywhere that do these things.

DDN called me and asked if I wanted extra money and I said yes. They are going to pay someone to do these inspections. My wife appreciates the extra funds for her new auction addiction. I like to keep her happy.

I had been getting $55 from Trinity for inspections within my county. This magicial number was given to me by them the first time they called (rush job). Per the Trinity caller, “I have to get special approval for anything $60 and over.”

So I’m rocking along. I was getting one a month…ho hum…

I go out of town and tell them I’ll be out for three days. Sure enough, that’s when the draw comes in and they find someone else for $45!!!

Now, if I drop to $45, they’ll put me back on the list for this house (very large, already had 10 draws from it, I’ve been doing it since day one). Now I’m suddenly $45 for my county. However, no great loss. They only call once a month and it’s 15 minutes from the house.

I told them that someone in their office told me $55 !!!


I just pulled and accepted a DDN draw, that I found out was a 39 mile drive
from where I live,:shock: so I called DDN and asked Becky if I could have an increase in the fee, and she said sure, :smiley: one sec…when she came back and said sure, we can do that, “what would you need for that area?” and I stated I could do it for $65, she said “is this a normal zip code area for you?”
I said no, to which she replied, “I’ll put you down for $65 for that area then, if thats alright?”
I said sure (until we see how many, and how far they come in at.)
Thanks a lot, and we’ll see you…
I use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 on my laptop, running in my truck,
and it specs out at a 78 mile round trip, 1 hr. 45 travel, and $9.40 cost.
So I believe that all inclusive costs with time and travel don’t make it too bad, since I’ll stop and have ice cream once I get there…
and its a nice night for a leisurely evening drive out there and back…

Yep. Same thing for me. Had the whole area south of me set up and even though it was 40 miles out, I would do them all on the same days. Someone new came along and before you know it, I was locked out of my account. Not even told what was going on. Nice. Then it happend with Granite AND Trinity. I lost all three of them to someone else. That was bread and butter. :frowning: