Direct Vent Pellet Stove Help

I don’t run across many of these situations around here. The vent pipe is about 7 feet off the sidewalk. Then neighboring home is over 20 feet away. The home is clad in vinyl siding. There is no manual available and was curious if there is a problem with this. To me, it’s a DLR (Doesn’t look right). Who would be the licensee for refrerral A Chimney Sweep??

Thanks in advance for your help!



It DLR to me either but I would defer in any case.

Do you have a make and model for the stove?


The installation looks OK to me but the siding will discolour from soot and draft may be minimal at times…

So what keeps the exhaust from blowing back into the window? (Humor me, I know the window would probably be closed when the burner is being used;-))

Sure Mike,

Make: Harman Stove
Model: Accentra

From what I could find the 7’ requirement works. The nearby window was fixed. Just one of those things that dlr. Thanks for asking.

Here is the manual.

It indicates 48" to operable window and 7 ft. above walk and 3 ft. to all combustibles.

Smaller clearances if optional outside air vent is installed.

The clearance diagram is on page 19.

Read it carefully and I am not sure about the vent termination in your pic.

DLR because if has no downturn to prevent rain infiltration.

Below copied from page 19 of the installation manual:

[size=3]B. The clearance to a window or door that may be opened must be a minimum of 48" to the side and 48" below the window/door, and 12" above the window/door. [/size]**[FONT=Arial,Arial][size=1][FONT=Arial,Arial][size=1]1
[/size][/FONT][/size][/FONT][FONT=Arial,Arial][size=3][FONT=Arial,Arial][size=3]With outside air installed, the clearances are 18" to the side and below and 9" above.

I mentioned in the report that they should refer to the manufacturer’s reccomendations but there was no manual present. I forwarded the link to the manual to our client. So now they have the reference. I had a brain fahrt not to look that up. There were many other discussions that had me a little distracted.

The clients are from Florida and did not have any experince with Furnaces, Humidifiers, Attics, Basements and this home had all AND the home was built in 1885 with K&T and 2-prong receptacles, sagging floors… :slight_smile: