Discounted Infrared Certified Training Class Enrollment for sale

I have an enrollment for John McKenna’s Infrared Certified Training Class. It presently sells for $460.00.

I am offering my enrollment for $360.00. You can schedule your class for anytime that is convienent for you along with John’s class schedule, which he post on his web site, its usually a coupple of days per month.

Call me at 401-441-1433 :wink:

I have a pay pal account or other arrangements can be made.

Mr. Gallo.

Is it true that Nick Gomicko offered to reimburse for this class?

What happened?

I think we all thought this issue was closed a long time ago.

What are John’s qualifications to teach this course? Is it worth the $360 you are asking for it?

I wish you luck! I myself wouldn’t walk across the street for a free seminar given by fetus man…

Ignore this buttwipe. He is clueless as usual.

You say something Mikey???

Not to you. Your a malcontent.

NVM: He deserves to get s hit over this.

Do you?

Nick made the offer. If it was honored, Gallo has nothing to sell.

Just as Gallo was the cause of the original fiasco he has done it once again.

Wake up.

Mr Gallo got a refund for that class already. He cannot sell it now.
Sorry Mr Gallo… your game is over.

You can’t bad mouth me and take a refund … and then turn around
and sell the class at the same time. Get real dude.

You just lost the moral high ground.

Thanks John.

I wondered if Mr. Gallo was pulling a scam.

I guess now we know. What a putz.

Maybe I can sell him the Brooklyn Bridge.

**Who **gave the refund? You? Or was it Nick covering your arse again? Perhaps Nick told him to try and resell it, and then donate the proceeds to charity. That would be in line with Nicks style.

Personally Mike, I wouldn’t take Johns word for crap without proof.

Let’s see if Mr. Gallo comes back and refutes it.

Nick could clear it all up with one post.

Nick gave the refund. I offered to pay Nick and he refused.

I said no, it cannot be resold now.

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Good on you Nate.
Gees Louis the issues and defamers never stop.
I will be glad when this is all over.