Never use

Make sure none of you use 1exam prep. Rob Estil formally from goldcoast is a piece of crap. He had me pay $100 and seven hours in his class and then told me that he was not approved for the course his innocent teacher taught me. He offered me a refund but told me to **** Off when I asked for the $250 the guy paid me to take the course to qualify his company. then he threatened me with physical violence. anyone who does not believe me feel free to call me to discuss 954-922-0584. STAY AWAY FOR 1EXAmPREP Rob Estil is a thief, bully and liar.

Why would he pay you $250, when you only paid him $100? :roll:

“Meeker Math”… cousin to “Common Core Math”. :roll:

Because I was paid $250 to sit in his office for 7 hours instead of working and it was all for nothing. Refund for me and refund for my Partner. He paid for a day of my time at an insane low price because we are working together, he is a friend and a good guy. Should he be out of his $250 because the guy sold me 7 useless hours and NOT WHAT WAS PROMISED? Please let me know, or should he just get screwed. He is a thief because he sold me something that was NOT what he said it was. I hear he has lots of 1 on google ratings. what’s that tell ya?

Well… in the ‘business world’, it seems to me that YOU owe your partner a refund. YOU had the responsibility of ‘Due Diligence’ to vet the provider in advance of your enrollment.

Besides, there seems to be a little more to the story… :wink:

If I were you Mike, I might consider removing your post, at least from the Florida public section.

There always is with ‘The Meeker’, isn’t there? :razz:

Naaa I just got a email from the State saying they were going to approve it EVEN Though he was not certified to teach it. The Man is now Slandering me saying I threatened his staff. Not true the lady and instructor both were very pleasant and I NEVER HAD ONE MEAN WORD FOR EITHER. The guy is a disgrace. I have absolutely Nothing to hide and I will tell all I can about how he runs his biz.

So…I guess he owes you nothing, correct?

He sold me a class that was not what he was supposed to. The State used common sense and gave be a break because I have a spotless record. I am not searching for a refund now I just want people to know not to deal with this guy. He threatened me and lied and said I was threatening his phone girl. Have anyone here ever seen me say one rude thing to any woman EVER. No because I do not do it.

I find it hard to believe that the State would issue a certification based on a class that was taught by someone who wasn’t authorized to teach said class. :shock:

I would be really curious to know how someone could teach a class that they weren’t allowed to in the first place.

His reply: You came to our school wanting 7 hour of Continuing Education, which we provided to you. However, after a month, you came back to use claiming that you have been disciplined as a contractor by the CILB, because of criminal actions against a consumer, and need disciplinary hours. We refunded you for the hours because you threatened to come to our office and beat up one of our female staff. We recommended you to go attend Goldcoast schools who specialize in convicted contractors like yourself. Thank you, and good luck.

I know what he wrote and am considering suing him because of it. And the fact that he is a dick. Call Alan over there or their phone girl Netty and ask them if I was even rude to either of them EVER. I talked to Alan the instructor yesterday because they have blocked me from contacting them as I wanted to have netty send me a letter stating what all has happened and he told me that they wanted to keep their jobs so they would not write the letter but every word I have said is true and I really do not give a rats a-s if you believe it or not.

I ONCE AGAIN am trying to HELP other inspectors by telling them my experience so they can avoid having problems and I catch crap from the a-ses around here for doing it.

F it use whoever the f you want. For the record I know a disciplinary course not what would have happened if I committed ANY CRIME or was Convicted Of anything.

Matter of fact I doubt you could even find out it happened unless I told you.

Using the quotes, let’s see if we can piece together what happened.

You got your certificate, right?

You paid him $100.00, right?

You were refunded your money right?

No, I am giving you crap because you got a free certificate and made $250.00 from your “client”, and have the nerve to ***** about it all over the internet like some 9 year old girl.
If that makes me an ***, so be it.

I seriously doubt you would get very far in court…
Maybe Nachi Nickels could pay your legal fees. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not give a rats a-s what you think. I’m done. You all can use whoever you want.

That’s the thing about reputations. You’re forced to deal with it once you have one!

Wow. A 7 hour course on TPR valves and he finally got his cert. Way to go Mike… CMI worthy for sure. :roll: :wink:

Man are you ever clever:D

Where’s the beef…or pork? :wink:

You all can use whoever you want.

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No they can’t

Don’t you know I am in charge of that stuff. How damn green are you.