Dishwasher and disposer rules

Is it just in Illinois that dishwashers are not allowed to be drained to disposers, or is this the case with the national codes?

Any idea as to the reason, for both?


first time I have heard of that.

It must be Chicago…

Connect the dishwasher tube to the disposer. Make sure Step 6 is complete.

No, Chris, it’s both in the Chicago code and the Illinois state code. Not allowed in Illinois.

Will, my plumbers have told me that the State of Maine new plumbing code changes also says that you can no longer drain the dishwasher in the pig.
Mine is hooked up to the pig and there it will stay.

So how do we call it now? Leave it alone? I think if it is functioning fine, we should.

What do you think?

Sounds like a Code issue and how it will get enforced by the AHJ’s.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I doubt it would be national code Will.
This bothers me more.
DSCN4483 (Small).JPG

it was not even straped

Bob, never seen one like that before, kind of neet. ha. ha.:cool:

Couldn’t they have made everything chrome, looks so much better.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

As long as there is an air gap, that’s OK. Not good, but OK.

still installing them that way here in Ohio Will…

Will, do you know how long this has not been allowed? I’ve seen this more times than not and after the local AJ has been there.

So I guess when that trap clogs up the neighbor down stairs are on there own.
I would rather see it in the disposial.
Long as you have the hose clamped above the bottom of the basin there is no worry about cross contamination if that is the reason for the local code

No doubt. I find it all the time as well.

But the fact is that both the Chicago and the Illinois plumbing code prohibits it.

I call it out. Easy to fix.

I also call out plastic flex drain pipes. They are also not allowed.

It’s in the 1998 Illinois Plumbing Code, and I assume it pre-dates that issue. Sec 890.710 **Food Waste Disposal Units ** …Dishwashers shall not discharge into food waste disposal units. and again in Sec 890.770 Dishwashing Machines … “Dishwashing machines shall discharge separately into a trap or tail piece of the kitchen sink and shall not connect to the food waste disposal unit.” Like others, I’ve seen it for years and never called it out.

Yes I always call out the plastic flex, But as long as the DW has the proper loop I never have for the disposal. Maybe I’ll start, on newer homes anyway.

Thanks Russell…

Chris I would look at it this way.
If you miss serious roof damage is one thing
If you miss a hose connection thats not even leaking …aaaaaaah
Acordian trap I think we all call out.

It’s great that people are calling it out. But do you know why your calling it out, or is it just because the code book says to.

Just wonderin’ :slight_smile:

We’re supposed to use air gaps but nobody does it.


What, exactly, are you referring to?

The disposal connection.

Sorry Brian. I thought yours was post #1 in this thread. I missed the whole first page.

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