What is this.

We usually see dishwashers drained to disposers (not allowed, I have no idea why the disposer manufacturer’s put those spigots on their, just to confuse the appliance installers, I’ll bet).

But WTF is this all about?

I’m going to guess someone had the wrong tailpiece in the truck Will and improvised…we can hook the dishwasher to the disposer here with no problems as long as there is a hi loop in the drain…

Thats must be a new mini kitchen trap vent .
Heard about them and experimental.

Will, not allowed in Illinois but fine with dishwasher and disposal manufacturers,go back to the post about you on TV to learn more on the subject.http://www.nachi.org/forum/f2/we-have-star-among-us-91213/

Did not have a chance to ask you about that however you maybe now will not talk to us non hollywood types.Bad enough you look down on us already,now it gets worse,yesh.:slight_smile:

That’s the overflow garbage disposal drain.

Looks like a flipper’s work using leftover parts. :shock:

cmon now they hooked up a dishwasher tailpiece to the dishwasher stub on the disposal there has to be some bonus points for that…

Good point.

I’m wondering what that over spray is from. It reminds me of a guy holding a drink in his hand with the watch and someone asks him what time it is. :slight_smile:

This is what you do when you already popped the hole in the disposal, the new dishwasher is on backorder and you have no duct tape.

The big red wire nut works great.

Cough… Cough.

I think we have a winner. :slight_smile:

But when the new dishwasher does arrive they will then need to buy some duct tape for sure, you know, to tape up the hole they made in the drain line. :smiley:

I cannot go a single day without looking at something and asking myself:


Now now its just a 10 cent part…lol
Reserve vein bulge for the big ticket stuff.


It’s not the sevearity of the problem, just the mind twisting question of some of this stuff.

I am frustrated by the sheer WHY of it all. WHY did they do this?

I gave up with the why back when it dawned on me I will never figure out anyone.
We are all born insane.

That costs me about 1/2 each inspection. Just wondering, pondering,

WTF could they have possibly been thinking? Why would they DO that??

So I just developed my own little saying, I use it with clients on lots of inspections…“I’m never surprised, but always amazed”. :cool:

You clarified my thinking perfectly! Amazed. And always the eternal question; WHY?