Quiz, What's wrong with this picture?

Now we’ve all heard the term, “everything but the kitchen sink” but this kitchen sink has everything :D. How many things can you find wrong with this picture? It’s from an inspection yesterday.

I will bite and start off with the dreaded S trap.

love the electrical outlet

Bet that the dishwasher drain was connected to the disposer (not alowed in Illinois) and had no high loop or air gap.

Bob - CORRECT! :smiley:
Mr. Decker - CORRECT! :smiley:
There are at least two more that I found. You may have to zoom in for one of them…

I have no idea what that switching devise the disposal is hooked up to might be , but it looks like appliance cord entering a hanging BX connector. Bet there is not even an underwriters knot.
To difficult to Observe much in the picture.
'I have no problem with the 2 way shutoff.

Well I see a couple of things in addition to those pointed out by my fellow Illinoisans… Is that NM cable from the junction / receptacle box feeding the dishwasher? Also I don’t think a professional plumber would have connected both the faucet and the dishwasher with that type of valve and plastic tubing. I think a professional plumber would have connected all this mess correctly, angle valves, drains and solid tubing to dishwasher and faucet instead of spray wand hose… that electrical disposal wiring and related plus all the other "stuff is a A Diy’ er job or unhandyman…:wink:

Missing conduit on the NM cable and the connector on the cord is not secured to the disposer

Why is that?

Good eyes Chuck! :smiley: That was the last two of the four problems I saw. There was a pushbutton switch at the top of the sink that controlled the disposer. That is the reason for the control box at the right side of the cabinet.

Besides the fact when one leans on the left side of the counter top, the right side lifts up. (Reminds me of one of those 3-Stooges episodes) There are 0 receptacles on the top side of the Island. Just to mention the kitchen faucet has an interference problem with the counter top. Luckily, it’s so loose the faucet works :roll:…

The home was built in 1940. The updates were done sometime after that (best guess is more recent than not). What is the best method to mention this in your report?



There should be an air-gap between the dishwasher drain and the sink drain to prevent the possibility of waste water from entering the dishwasher. Some dishwashers have a built-in check valve but who has the time to investigate or verify these systems are functional. The air gap is the best method to ensure there is no waste water entering a sanitary system.

I did catch the connector(not attached) but we do not get that romex stuff much in the Chicago area so thought I would stay off that one.
had a feeling that was a pneumatic push switch but was not sure.

I have only seen them on disposals a couple times but like them for safety.

That fire in 1871 had a pretty pig impact on the Chicago electrical codes…or was it a labor union issue?? Don’t want to get too far off track:). You would have been correct. Is armored cable acceptable in your area for this or does it have to be in rigid conduit?

Section 890.710 Food Waste Disposal Units](http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/077/077008900F07100R.html)

a) Installation. Food waste disposal units shall be trapped separately from any other fixture or compartment, shall be connected directly to the sanitary drainage system, and shall be properly vented. Dishwashers shall not discharge into food waste disposal units. Units may have either automatic or hand-operated water supply control. (See Section 890.1130(a), (b) and ©.)

Section 890.770 Dishwashing Machines](http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/077/077008900F07700R.html)

a) Domestic Dishwasher (Private Residence). When a domestic dishwashing machine drain line is connected to the house side of a trap from a sink, the drain from the dishwasher shall be carried up to the underside of the spill rim of the sink. Dishwashing machines shall discharge separately into a trap or tail piece of the kitchen sink and shall not connect to the food waste disposal unit.

Edwardsville IL. Home Inspector

BX or Green field is fine.
I think it is 6 feet of BX or 15 feet of green field.

Greenfield is BX with no wire for anyone that does not know.