Dishwasher drainage piping

I been in a high rise building and I seen this dishwasher drainage connection.
My question is :
Is this (rubber) soft, black pipe approved as a dishwasher drainage pipe ? I do not like this kind of connections and in my opinion they are “temporary” connections.In Chicago all drainage piping should be PVC or metal piping.
Thank you for your feedback.



Hi Costel
Here in Chicago see them all the time and installed thousands.

They are common on older models and over time they can rot (look at end under clamp in picture one)

I do not like them either but simply explain that verbally or mention as a suggestion in the report.
I would not make it part of the punchlist summary.

Guessing that is an older condo unit ( 2001 era ?) and see you have leakage from the air gap (heck at least they have one) but that is often common.

That brass trap nut has putty and needs repair .

P.S check the disposal wiring on the right as they often do bad whip connections.

I seen them on the older houses, but this was in downtown and that’s why I was concerned.It is not a big deal…but the hose is already having small cracks and would start to leak…I did the verbal recommendation to my client at the time of inspection.
Thanks Bob !