Garbage Disposal Wiring

I would like an opinion on a few of these pictures. GarbageDisposal1 had the Romex properly clamped at the disposal, but there was no junction box visible (just a hole in the drywall). …2, 3, and 4 serviced a dishwasher and the disposal. Obviously, the romex was not properly clamped, the j-box was loose. There were staples…Hummm I think that’s not quite right.

Just would like to hear back how others may report these situations.

Thanks in advance for your help!





Improperly wired
I recommend a Licensed Electrician examine and evaluate .

How about if the qualified professional just repairs it. You have already evaluated it as improper, n’est pas?

Same idea, as he will obviously be the one to make repairs.
Since you like detail , lets hear yours :slight_smile:

[FONT=Arial][size=3][FONT=Arial][size=3]Electrical feeder for garbage disposal is not properly secured. This could lead to problems including electrical shorts if something would snag the cable. Recommend repairs by a licensed electrician or other qualified individual.

I prefer… Conductors are a fire hazard as routed and need to be reinstalled by a licensed and certified Electrician .

(damn I hate that Romex stuff)

Improper and amateurish wiring noted (see photos) for dishwasher and disposal under kitchen sink. Recommend repairs by qualified professional as needed for safety.

The cable exiting the wall is not an issue.

There should have been a cable clamp screwed into the bottom of the disposal.

Non-metallic cable is not for use with cord caps.

EXACTLY!! :mrgreen:

Word it however you feel fit, but finish it with “should be repaired by a qualified electrician.”

that guy Harry sure does get around:D

I think it’s a franchize.

This is actually a great thread in that those are some common things we see DIYers do. Jim is 100% correct in that those NM Cables are not Flexible Cord and that alone warrants a call out. The connection to the Disposal is incorrect as you all know and will be called out at the same time.

The way the NM Cable is run in itself is subject to physical damage as they could have routed it in a way that would be less subject in nature so that also is called out.

Report : Observations of serious electrical defects under your kitchen sink will warrant an evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor. Nonmetallic cable is being installed in areas subject to physical damage, used in an improper manner as a flexible cord to the disposal and without properly being secured to the disposal itself.