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What is the maximum distance a 125V receptacle can be from a Heat Pump to service it.

This is new construction, commercial. Is it still 25’…??? in the 2005 NEC.

The Heat Pumps are on the roof, the electrician said the receptacles on the wall below are good enough. Don’t they have to be on the roof, or am I losing my mind? Was the rule changed in 2005, doesn’t make sense if it was.

Paul, Joe, Jeff…anyone…if you could reference the rule number please, I’m sitting in my truck.

I believe they have to be IN SIGHT OF Dale

I think I read your question wrong, never mind

02 NEC 210.63 within 25’ on same elevation

Brian’s got it. No change from '02 to '05.
**210.63 Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Equipment Outlet. **
A 125-volt, single-phase, 15- or 20-ampere-rated receptacle outlet shall be installed at an accessible location for the servicing of heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. The receptacle shall be located on the same level and within 7.5 m (25 ft) of the heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. The receptacle outlet shall not be connected to the load side of the equipment disconnecting means.

Historical Information:

When that rule was first added to the NEC ? it was set at 75 feet maximum distance away from the HACR (note never did call in ventilation) , so if this is true in your instance (time of installation) then I would let it be. The change to 25 feet was only to settle the disputes between the Mechanical Code Inspectors and the Electrical AHJ’s who were calling out different distances.

Research 210.8(A) too, also for more on this rule especially where they say the receptacle was not, and is now required on the rooftop, the changes now call for ALL outdoor receptacles to be GFCI protected.

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I was inspecting a different building and a friend called me to look at his roof and AC units before they foamed it tomorrow.

Not thinking much about the electrical because I was not inspecting it.

I look for an outlet to plug a drill in to tighten numerous access panels on the package Heat Pumps and there wasn’t a single receptacle on the roof.

The electrician was arguing with me saying the electrical just passed inspection yesterday.

Needless to say…City Inspectors don’t go on roofs in Arizona, but the electrician is going back on the roof.


If on the roof…make sure they take into account derating…:slight_smile:

Yeah Right!

I’ll probably see one leg jumped from a 240V next week…:stuck_out_tongue: