Required outlet at exterior units

Can someone tell me where I might find the requirement that an “exterior” outlet be in the vicinity of the exterior ac units?

There isn’t a requirement around the unit. Exterior receptacles are required at the front and back of the dwelling.

Do you me the ac disconnect? If so it has to be within sight, I also believe within 50 ft.

Thanks guys, I found it.

210.63 Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Equipment Outlet. A 125-volt, single phase, 15- or 20-ampere-rated receptacle outlet shall be installed at an accessible location for the servicing of heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. The receptacle shall be located on the same level and within 7.5 m (25 ft) of the heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. The receptacle outlet shall not be connected to the load side of the equipment disconnecting means.

What year is this from?

I thought you said on the outside, not a crawl space. :shock:

That is exterior, usually very close to your ac units…

I simply note whether GFCI outlets are installed on the exterior of the home I’m in inspecting. I’m not concerned with outlets installed within a proximity of a condenser.

There is no requirement for one on the exterior near AC units. Only exterior receptacle requirements are on the front and rear of the home.

You forgot the rest of that code…

exception: A receptacle outlet shall not be required at one and two-family dwellings for the service of evaporative coolers.


Started in 1987 NEC 210.63 (bar by section) to current 2008 NEC 210.63

Unless the required exterior outlet(s) is within 25 feet of the appliance, NEC 210.63 requires an additional outlet to be installed specifically for servicing of the appliance.

This requirement has been around for quite some time.

Strange. Just finished a new construction inspection an hour ago. Went past 4 homes that chose heat pumps instead of the gas furnace. Not one of them had a receptacle anywhere near the units. I also had a new heat pump install a short itme ago, with permit, at my son’s house. The nearest exterior receptacle is on the far end of the home, probably 45 feet away. At first I thought maybe it is a regional thing but WA is using the 2008 NEC. Or maybe the AHJ just does not care… imagine that. My bad.

As with any code, the local AHJ has the final word.

I do believe that only concerns commercial applications, not residential. In 28 years as a mechanical contractor, the only time we were ever required to install conv outlets was on commercial/industrial applications in Michigan, Ohio, Washington DC and Florida.

I see them everyday on new and late model homes in GA.