Distribution system?

Hi Fellow Inspectors,

I am still pretty new to the business, and have a question on this plumbing system.
The water supply coming into the house, (which is a brand new house) but what is this red and blue distribution system material in the pictures?
It is not polybutylene is it? What is it?

Thank you for any help.




Its PEX which is a cross linked poly ethylene. There are currently no known “issues” with PEX. I like the stuff and even used it in my home although I think that installation you show in the pictures is a little sloppy and should use some more support in places.


This looks like pex

Crosslinked PolyEthelylene is another flexible plastic pipe that is used widely in heating and plumbing situations. PEX has a life span of approximately 50 years.

The picture you show looks like the Manabloc system

Hope this helps and welcome to the business.