PEX new to plastic.

I took photos and gave my client the only information I could. Go see a plumber.
There are several issues I noted and here are some pictures.

It is not PEX, it is Polybutylene

Sure is PB…


** What does that mean?

Told you I have never seen this type of installation.Polyb.
Total new to system.
I will read up on it right away

It is problematic piping material here in the USA Robert, it may be different in Canada.,17315,18168,23628,23670,25041,26761,26849,27520&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=pb+pipe&cp=5&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=0&aqi=&aql=&oq=pb+pi&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=a20cfd04ba3c5cf9

Thanks Mr.Kelly.
I have only seen what I expect is polyb. encased in cement( flooring ) on large residential building as heating in flooring.
I will investigate in Montreal Quebec.
Not being a code inspector, but yet having things I have built inspected, I find it a funny backward place. ( for me ) Residential rules and the ones applying the rules. Grafffff.
Thanks for the link.

I always write it up hard Had a friend who away for weekend had the little PB pipe from her toilet burst .

$60,000;00 damage and not able to live in the home for 3 months .

That’s the kicker Roy.
Writing up something I know little of. Litigation towards me.
If you could give me a small worded example of Hard writeup. ( I would like to do those reports to help others )
I verbally noted my confusion and expressed everything I have seen and heard about polyb. verbally. ( its problematic )
Read a lot about polyb " no ".
Expansive to repair. Yes, I have heard and understand totally.
Dam its plumbing and you have to get at it to replace it.
Using what, copper or other flexible plumbing is the estimated cost.
If I told you my reservations about the home and the price that he paid. Under 1 year.
Hows and whys.

I have seen, and starting to see first hand the deception agents play with, bankers, and suspected kickbacks.( just stating fact girls.) No proof.
WHISTLE BLOWER EFFECT ROY. Had my first hand taste in Sept. Its set me back financial.
I am still blowing that whistle. I will show the truth.
Shoot what a world, and what people don’t do for a dollar or with that little bit of power they have.
Thanks Roy you are always there when some one asks.
SAD !!!

The SAD part was for the power and steeling people do and not meant at Roy’s presents helping me and others ALWAYS on the MB…

Cover your self .
Write hard talk soft and miss nothing ( My son taught me this )

Example Plastic pipe suspect ? Iimmediate further evaluation by Qualified person .
Too simple if they do nothing Too bad ,This I think covers you for your concerns with both types.

Thanks I got it.:slight_smile:

This message board and it’s educated helpful Inspectors comes through again. Sometimes I think I’m a little off because going through every post every day takes time and this post verifies the value of it. I have only seen this flexible plumbing in 1 subdivision and never during an inspection. Now I can prepare myself.:smiley:

· **For The Record: ****Some of **the supply piping that is visible appears to be polybutylene plastic pipe. Polybutylene is a form of plastic resin that has been in use as water supply piping since the late 1970s. Due to the low cost of the material and ease of installation, it is considered an inexpensive substitute for traditional copper piping.
However, in recent years alleged manufacturing defects and improper installation methods have been documented in B.C., Alberta, Quebec and some US States. Most of the problems have involved “acetal” (plastic) fitting failures, of which very few are encountered in Ontario or Quebec.
The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors, the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, and the New Home Warranty Program, among other organizations, have all investigated and researched this issue and have found the failure rate to be relatively low and mostly attributed to poor workmanship or improper choice of materials.
We feel it would be prudent to monitor the plumbing system for leaks, especially around the pipe connections. If you are concerned about this type of plumbing, we recommend you contact a licensed plumber or plumbing supplier for more information.

More info on Poly-B at**: **](

Poly-b I always recommend it be checked by a plumber .
If it was in my home I would remove it .