Diverter / brick flashing detail needed

Does anyone have a drawing or cad diagram for flashing brick veneer? I have one for stucco but I am looking for something specific to this application.

This is another case of builder says it OK. The wall flashing was tucked behind the brick (brilliant!)


Picture 068 (Small).jpg

Shawn, take a look at Certainteed.com, find the ‘Master Shingle Applicator’ manual and down load. You should get some good looks at proper flashing applications there.

You picture shows something that I love to repair, time and material, when I am wearing my roofers hat. The brick should be cut away as it is to allow the proper flashing detail, we should be looking at a metal flashing not brick where your yellow arrow is pointing(similar to the lower corner of a chimney…be sure to look at chimney flashing detail in the Certainteed manual) the brick mason did it right except the brick looks like it was installed after the roof and siding (notice the mortar stains on the shingles. This is common in new construction, the roof goes on before the siding and the brick is done after the siding…the overlap of trades does not allow for the proper installation of detail areas such as this.

Okay, tried to attach the detail from Certainteed, don’t know if I did it right however you can find it at http://www.certainteed.com/NR/rdonlyres/C02361B8-67C4-4A26-8CAB-EF54D6FC1A47/0/SAMv7_ch6_Flashing_etc.pdf

This is a classic area for leaks, the lower corner of anything that comes through the roof! Always watch for soft spots here, depressions in the roof indicitive of deterioration.

Long post, hope it helps

This came out last month. Some may find it of value.

Subject Index - Click Here](http://www.bia.org/BIA/technotes/TN_index_web_nov_06.pdf)


Thanks guys…this will help a lot… provide the buyer with the info and let them duke it out! Happy Holidays!