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Hi everyone,
My name is Catherine Demsky and I am the Director of Sales & Marketing for Inspection Depot, Inc. I wanted to let everyone know that we have officially launched one of the first Do-it-Yourself Website building programs that includes:
-Secure Report Upload
-Unlimited Editing
-Your own URL
-No monthly fees
…and much, much more
All done by you in 6 EASY steps! No computer experience is necessary!

The technology is normally $399/yr, but for this week only, we are offering a $100 discount to NACHI members if you order at
Simply enter in the promo code NDIY06 when checking out. That’s $299/yr for a complete Website that you create yourself and update whenever you wish! No more waiting around for your Web master to get to your changes, simply log in and make them yourself, just like typing in Word. Log on today for a FREE demonstration of the technology.

Thanks and have a wonderful day,
Catherine Demsky

Quick question for you, please, Catherine-
please give me a shout-



Great questions Russell, I hope you don’t mind me pointing out the answers to your questions publicly, I feel that it is relevant to everyone. There are several other Web design services out there which also offer do-it-yourself technology for Website design.

Key differences with our service:

  •     only $399/yr (special $100 off you pay only $299/yr), NO monthly fees like most others
  •     your own URL 
  •     includes the hosting, domain purchase and transfer fees
  •     FREE online technical support, many of the other sites charge for any assistance. 
  •     upload inspection reports to your Website and it will automatically generate a unique username and password for your client and Realtor to access that report directly. No more worrying about email attachments not sending.

And speaking of requesting inspections online, I would like to mention the release of our latest technology,, a complete online business management technology. Don’t ever miss an inspection again because you’re out of he office or away from your phone! We are VERY excited about this and are anxious to give you all a tour of the site at the convention over the next few days. I’ll give you a few of the amazing abilities of the technology now:

-The ability for customers to schedule their inspection online, real-time! It is
connected directly to your company schedule so even if a customer chooses a day
and time with no availability, it will give them the opportunity to schedule for a
different day. When you sign up, we connect your company to hundreds of
inspector search engine sites.

-The ability for your Realtors to log in to your company, if you want them to, and
schedule their inspections as well. Our experience has found that the top realtors
don’t want to call the office every time and answer the same questions. This way
they can log in, schedule an inspection, view and download reports for past
inspections, and even send reports to contractors for bidding!

-Set up your own inspection types and fees and add services for each type

  • Different log ins for each company employee: Manager, Inspectors, Financial
    Officer, Schedulers and Realtors…no one sees ALL of your company information.

-Your inspectors can log in from anywhere and upload their inspection reports and
schedule time off for doctor’s appointments etc real-time.

-Accountants have the ability to process payroll differently for every inspector

-There is also a powerful marketing function that enables you to track your leads,
bulk email your clients or Realtors and bring in more revenue

Please check it out at or come by our booth at the conference. Packages start at just $39.95/mo, and we’re giving away 3 1-year subscriptions to our Platinum Business Package at the conference!

Thanks everyone, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to post or contact me. Sorry for such a long post!

Catherine Demsky

Can you please post a link to a sample web site.

Erol Kartal


Catherine Demsky

Finally catching up to my emails, Catherine - thanks!

Good info.