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Does NACHI provide website support? I presently have a website, but my costs are starting to go up and up. I am also paying for “Search engine submittal services” with my provider and have not had anyone tell they found me on the internet yet.

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The best website services are getting more expensive (kind of like the best home inspectors?) and the worst website services are getting less expensive.

I find website services to be very much in the category of "you get what you pay for."

I use, $599 annually ($50 a month, reasonable in my mind). I get about 10% of my inspections from surfers. I could get more, probably, but I don't pay extra for the search engine submittals. Might sometime in the future.

I get to do a lot with them. The only complaint I have is that I don't think they read English too well. When I request an update, it sometimes takes five requests to get it done properly. It can get frustrating. The other problem is that they are on the East Coast (three hours time difference) and they don't work on weekends, after hours, or on holidays. Huh? I thought that was the purpose of the Internet, so people could have access 24/7. Weird.

For example, I asked them to put "an extra line of space in front of all the headings." They put a space between every letter in the heading. Huh? What part of that don't you understand? It took me four more emails with demonstrations to get it right. They also refuse to call if they don't understand something. Weird, again.

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Lynn, check with Chris at NACHI, our webmaster. He designed and maintains my website and provides all the services you could want at a very good price for NACHI members. I have gotten several inspections from the internet.

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I agree with Russel. I have used them for three months so far and overall happy with them. I would highly recommend them if you plan on giving reports from your website.

If you go with them, show them what you want as much as you can. Once you have it the way you want it, I think you'll be happy.