Do I need the certificate for inspecting a mobile home

Just a dumb question, but do I need to have the certification for mobile homes before performing an inspection on one? This is the first request and didn’t think there would be much for this type of inspection in my area, but I’m guessing it might be more than I planned.

What is your area?

Only if they need a foundation certification then it requires an engineer to do that. Everything else you can do.


You don’t have to be certified to inspect it, but taking the class and knowing the different nuances is extremely helpful. And as Sir Roy states, you can only “observe” the foundation type, but can’t certify if it’s permanent according to HUD guidelines.

Thank you Thomas.

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North Dakota

Good Day Bro. Lewis
This is WBro Darwin Hodges , from Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have a brohter that is moving to Florida. He is a Realtor. I will give him your Name and company.
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