Mobile Homes/ Manufactured Home

question any special restriction on inspecting a mobile home does our license include these homes and do we need any special certifications

You need special certs (through an engineering firm) to perform a mobile/manufactured home tie-down inspection.
The rest is all you.

Make sure you know what you’re looking at, they can be a challenge at times.


Not true. You can do tie-down inspections for insurance purposes. However, you have to be or work through an engineer to do VA/FHA foundation certifications.

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Can someone give me a link to the Florida Requirements for tie down inspections?

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Here’s an older file I had, probably not any big changes.TieDownFL15C1.pdf (426.9 KB)

Good luck! They’ll be a quiz in the morning. :cowboy_hat_face:

Be sure to check out the mobile home inspection course on INACHI web site. Very informative when inspecting wheel estate…