Do Kansas and Missouri Inspectors Want Licensing?

Nick Gromicko has come out of the closet and has posted his support for the Kansas licensing law…and other licensing laws…due to their creation of bigger markets for NACHI.

He also challenged that “1/2” of NACHI members prefer to be controlled by licensing.

Since more than 1/2 of NACHI members work or reside in states with some form of regulation, this issue is moot…to a degree.

What is relevant is how many home inspectors in Kansas and Missouri, the two unlicensed states most recently under attack by real estate salesmen and lawyers, favor licensing.

If you are an inspector in either Kansas or Missouri, please respond to this poll.

The only way I’ll favor it is if every state requires on the job training in addition to classroom lecture. As it stands right now like I have already explained having someone sit through 50-80 hrs of lecture then simply passing a multiple choice test is a joke. Anyone can do it. However, not everyone can convince a seasoned HI to sign off that your competent out in the field.


Billy B. bashes ASHI’s full members:

And their associate members (65% of ASHI’s membership) doesn’t even have to do that… all they need is a valid credit card.

I know one state that requires 448 hours of classroom training, 7 years applicable experience, the passing of a state, proctored exam, adherence to the most comprehensive SOP of any other state or trade organization, E&O insurance and then 16 hours CE each year. I’m not saying that’s good nor bad, just stating the facts.

Michael, no pornography on our message board please.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have operated my business just fine for 8 years with no lawsuits and no licensing. Why does the government want to move in? I say, hands off. And on the job training is a must for any profession. Having a college degree does not mean you know where to put the gas in your car. Which state is it? Mental or hipnosis state?:cool:

So what? What has that to do with anything other than your competition with ASHI?

It’s not the “government” wanting to move in.

It’s the carpetbaggers. The midwest has no demonstrated need for licensing…but those who make a living by providing services to home inspectors (NHIE, NACHI TV, AHIT, and others) need the government to mandate their services by law for without it, few would buy.

Who would pay $150 to take a silly test like the NHIE if they didn’t have to? How many people are actually going to pay to watch video training conducted by self proclaimed experts with no teaching credentials or third party verification of their own expertise? But push a licensing bill (or stand by and watch while others push it) and have your test mandated…and you now have a captive market.

Ever wonder how these numbers of 60, 80 and 120 hours of education got fixed in people’s minds as these laws are written. AHIT, who pushes for licensing in every state, happens to offer classes to fit those blocks and hires ex-ASHI presidents to teach them. Check out ther websitefor the most comprehensive and up to date library of state licensing laws. They feed off of them like pilot fish.

Nick will hype that he “gives away” free classes…but he is also getting the paid classes approved. Why? Well, if the approved class is free in 2008 but just happens to cost $5 in 2009, and $15 in 2010…it’s still an approved class, isn’t it? It’s still cheaper than attending a seminar for your required state CEUs, isn’t it? So the laws that destroy an inspector’s business and harm consumers like the law just passed in Kansas…are good for the carpetbaggers.

My position is that NACHI has stopped becoming an association for home inspectors and, instead, has become little more than a vending machine, when it is clearly stated by its leadership that what is bad for the consumer and bad for the inspector – is still good for NACHI, and thereby supported.

The consumer and government, and to some degree - home inspectors, are simply pawns in this arena.

Add this to the documented and official intent of the Missouri and Kansas Associations of Realtors to control our industry to prevent the loss of potential sales, and you have a very powerful force.

This poll is a great idea. Nick will see what is needed, and not needed. It may wake him up. This poll needs to be promoted fully. Keep it going!!!

NACHI indeed is heading down the wrong course. It kinda reminds of the old ASHI members talking about the good old days of ASHI. When ASHI looked out for their members and they were there to improve the inspection industry. I will guarantee you, I will jump ship before I will belong to an organization that does not support it’s members.

InterNACHI has never proposed licensing in any state and has never drafted a legislative postion statement.

Your poll question is moot, Kansas already has licensing passed as law.

And the following complaint that our free classes are free but that they might not be one day has to be the all time dumbest (although funniest) complaint ever made:

Hey Jim, this message board is free, but perhaps you should warn everyone that we could charge $1.25 for it in 2011. :smiley: LMAO. You’re killin’ me.

This is not true. It is a convenient mistake…or a lie…but in either case, it ignores the President of NACHI’s 2005 legislative position statement that NACHI will oppose any home inspection legislation that is association biased, creates an undue hardship to become a home inspector, or puts current home inspectors out of business.

Does that jog your memory? It was the guidance provided to the Legislative Committee that existed at that time.

Yes, you are correct. I forgot about it. That exists somewhere, but I can’t find it. I don’t disagree with it either. In fact, my legislative work that succeeded in KY, NJ, PA, WA, MI, GA, TN, AB, BC, ON, etc is based on making sure all laws everywhere treat InterNACHI fairly.

To hell with InterNACHI. It is InterNACHI’s members you should be concerning yourself with.

Uh, several of the states/provinces I mentioned above had licensing proposals pushed by InterNACHI members.

Uh…what in the hell has that to do with your actions to interfere and oppose NACHI members in Kansas and Missouri who are against it?

You are really stretching…but not quite getting there, Nick.

You f’d up. big time.

Jim writes:

Prior to Wednesday where I started making sure InterNACHI gets approved in Kansas and Cohen’s molly letter…

I never met with anyone about licensing in Kansas or Missouri. Never.
I never sent any letters about licensing in Kansas or Missouri. Never.
I never called anyone about licensing in Kansas or Missouri. Never.
I never contacted any legislator about licensing in Kansas or Missouri. Never.
I never contacted any lobbyist about licensing in Kansas or Missouri. Never.

What are you talking about when you say “interference” and “oppose” ???

What you did on Wednesday.


Did you cause this letter to be sent to the governor of Kansas or not?

Yes or no?