I've been speaking with ASHI's Jeff Barnes about Kansas Home Inspector Law.

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Nick thanks for the note. First things first. I’m sorry you have had to get slammed by those who just don’t understand the new bill. I have read many of your postings and it seems that your experience in these issues has given you the expertise to dissect the bill and understand what is can and cannot do. Those who have supported this bill, including me, have undergone a constant barrage of inaccurate reports, and deliberate misinformation regarding the bill, who was behind it and how it came about. The sad thing is that many of the individuals making the comments actually knew the truth, but chose to change the truth to fit their purpose and many others were just believing the junk that was out their. I personally sent out over 250 invitation to every inspector we would find on two separate occasions to attend meetings in Kansas City to solicit input from inspectors around the state, but none of the individuals complaining now attended until the ball was rolling and well down the path. Despite many attempts throughout the process to provide accurate details with corroborating dates and other information these desperados kept on with their nonsense. The funny thing is that they never said a word until the bill was already written. Knowing it was in progress they decided to sit back and say nothing when we were asking for their input. I know you have run into this before and will again. This is not a new tactic. If the truth is not on your side, make it up seems to be their motto.

As for your request. The Board has not been completely set yet and of course has never had a meeting so I can’t speak for any final regulation. I can say, however that the reason for taking any reference to any national association out of the bill was to not limit the board on who would be “approved”. The goal was to establish a set of standards and all associations that met the standards would be included in the approved category. InterNACHI for example, has a well established online continuing education program which is a leader in the industry. As a group we need to meet and visit with individuals with InterNACHI to see how this program can be made available and how we can incorporate it into the process. As far as the proctored testing. It is my understanding that you guys have a test that fits this profile, however since we are just starting this process we have no information on how it is set up. We have just sent out a message to the state leadership of InterNACHI, NAHI, ASHI and other groups to forward to their members requesting them to develop the language to use in the rules and regulations. It is not practical for a board of five to research and develop all of the information needed to put this together effectively. The input from your members is needed to define the direction for our industry for the future. To answer your question specifically, I expect InterNACHI and its members to be a big part of the of the development of the rules and regulations and in many areas you have already blazed the trails we will need to follow. The Issue regarding what affiliation an inspector belongs to is a non issue in most of Kansas. Every inspector puts his or her pants on one leg at a time just like the next guy. Most of us see other inspectors less as completion as we do part of a brotherhood. I could care less what association the guy setting next to me in a training class belongs to. If he didn’t tell me I would never know. Most inspectors I know judge other inspectors by their character, actions and deeds rather than the association they belong to.

Nick I hope this answers your questions, so we can work together to make this the best bill it can be for the inspectors of Kansas. I am looking forward to working with you and InterNACHI on helping us develop future looking training programs to help us all.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call me directly at 316-393-XXXX.

Jeff Barnes

It is apparent that his stated affections for NACHI Tv has won him an ally. (Cha–ching)

What a surprise.

Dan Bowers will be along, soon. As a member of ASHI, he can give you the story that Barnes has withheld from his email.

Jeff and I have put our differences behind us and will be working together to improve and assist the Kansas inspection profession.

Please join us in this effort.

You are in direct opposition to the NACHI members who have informed you that they oppose this bill. No NACHI members are on record as approving of it.

If you override their objections and work with the ASHI board…for the obvious reasons of achieving more acceptance for your silly video courses or for any other reasons to advance NACHI at the detriment of its membership…this will be an unforgivable act on your part.

Jim writes:

It’s not a Bill. There is nothing to either support or oppose. It is the LAW OF THE LAND already. It is LAW. Where have you been?

The members have spoken.

You have not only reneged on your promise to sue if Barnes was appointed to the board, but are now assisting him - against the will of the members - to further the financial goals of NACHI Tv.

You have not been invited by the NACHI members of Kansas to represent them…you are doing this for your own personal gain and it is wrong.

Oh and Jim, stop with the cha ching bull $hit. We just released our 50th episode of NACHI.TV.

1 costs $349 and you get back $424.
1 costs $29.95.
3 cost $14.95.
3 cost $3.99.
40 are free.

as are the rest of the state-approved online courses… all free www.nachi.org/education.htm

Who gets to keep all the money saved by our members who no longer have to pay for their state CE, or travel, or hotel, or lost business, or gas, etc, thanks to our free, online state approved continuing education courses?

Mostly free www.nachi.tv is there if you want to watch it. Don’t like it, don’t watch it.

Our totally free, state approved, online courses www.nachi.org/education.htm are there if you want them. Don’t like it, drive to a classroom course and pay.

Like most everything at InterNACHI… it’s all free and optional.

So just stop already.


Many inaccuracies within that post. If this is an unedited post at best it could be conceived as extreme stretching of the actual facts about the past and the present

Bull$hit. You have betrayed the NACHI members of Kansas…and the NACHI members of Missouri…who have fought and are still fighting against this law. You have not been invited to participate with any board to represent any members.

You lied to us about taking a stand against putting the ASHI president who claims his dog passed our exam on the Kansas board…and are now working with him to get your courses accepted.

This is wrong.

It is obvious that ASHI holds the true power…and now has NACHI as its bitch.

Dang… Jeff could of wrote that for AZ… past, present and future, especially items high lighted in red.

JIm, the law already passed.

My duty now is to Kansas members, their families, and their home inspection businesses… not to members who want to use InterNACHI to make some kind of idealistic philosophical anti-licensing stand in a state that now has licensing.

My job now is to make sure that no Board member criminally abuses his public power of office to approve his association before InterNACHI… and that is what I intend to do.

You have betrayed the membership and have helped none of them. No one asked for you to support this law or this board. We asked for you to help us fight it.

You have no job and no authority to represent these Kansas members. NACHI Missouri members are already fighting the push by Kansas realtors to push this law on us. Your endorsement and participation has harmed our cause, or fight…and the members.

You are no hero, here, Nick.

You have sold us out. It’s obvious that NACHI Tv and NACHI have become one common entity with one common goal.

Dan, Jeff and I had a rough start. We’re past it. It seems to me that he has honorable intentions. I see us working together very well. Join us for a beer at the first board meeting.

Jim, the Bill already passed. It is law now. Get over it.

Refusing to work with the Board in assuring that InterNACHI’s approval isn’t delayed for the personal financial gain of any of the Board members, isn’t going to overturn the law.

Judging by the letter (post #1) that Jeff graciously sent me, I don’t see any problems for my members in Kansas. Sorry, but I’m not sacrificing their interests for an anti-licensing political movement in Missouri, even if I agree with it.

I’ve never met Jeff, got a feeling he can carry the burden;-)

Now if your talking about working on changing legislation in Pa to the consumers favor. I have family and financial interests there, that is an offer that I will take you up on.:wink:

You have no duty and no right to interfere with members at the state level, whether you agree with them or not. What you have done is wrong.

Jeff’s letter was a lie. Bowers will tell you, first hand, how the invitations to participate excluded NACHI members and how other limitations resulted in only a handful of guys to write a bill that no one wanted. These facts mean nothing to you, since you can profit more from the lie than the truth.

I have both a duty and a right. Read the right side column of www.nachi.org/education.htm

Then you are proclaiming, officially, that NACHI Tv and NACHI are one, in the same.

In that case, it makes more sense to be a member of ASHI, an association of home inspectors, than a victim of a vending machine. My check was mailed thirty minutes ago.

Since NACHI has become little more than a vendor soliciting itself to ASHI, I may as well be where the real power is.

Not one and the same. Let me help you by explaining.

InterNACHI is a federally tax exempt, non-profit trade association and was capable of producing the online course system that is the platform for all the free online state-approved continuing education www.nachi.org/education.htm and education does not jepardize its tax exempt status.

www.nachi.tv on the other hand is part entertainment…although I believe I could make an argument for it being mostly educational.

InterNACHI and NACHI.TV partnered with each other and many others (PRO-LAB, EPA, industry vendors, guests, IAC2, sponsors, advertisers, educators, manufacturers, experts, etc.) to create episodes that InterNACHI would be unable to produce on its own.

The inspection industry now has its own educational, entertaining, informational online TV show: www.nachi.tv Watch it if you want to, if not… watch the football game.

Anyway, it was an industry group effort and I think we did a good thing. It’s popularity speaks for itself. I expect www.nachi.tv to broadcast for many, many years.

Busshy… Does that mean the next time I see you post on the ASHI bb you are an ASHI member, not just someone that hijacked the ASHI bb???:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: