Do not buy whirlpool appliances

My dishwasher started leaking in January, 2 months after purchase. It’s still leaking today, I’ve had 9 service calls plus hours spent on the phone arguing and complaining, they still won’t replace it, they’re just sending another technician out to replace more parts. Customer service is beyond a joke, they won’t budge, do your self a favor and buy your appliances else where…

Thanks, Derek. It sounds like Whirlpool has poor customer service. :shock: I’ll steer clear.

Start working your way up the management ladder. Your local news might be helpful too.

Sad state of American made products, saw this start happening in the late 60’s, I was trading in my machine tools for German and Japanese products.

Get a phone and if you have a problem its not easy to “call” the phone company,
Or the cable company, or the computer company, or the airline and so on.

Service was something you did for your customers and now service is something you make people work for. 50 years ago you would have gotten an apology, a new dishwasher and maybe even a meal at a decent restaurant for your trouble.

Sorry to hear it,

Try reaching out to the store you purchased it from (Lowes, hhgregg, etc.)

Local stores care more about their customers than appliance manufacturers.


My KitchenAid dishwasher isn’t much better. :frowning:

Before I read your post I saw the title and planned on complaining about my crappy dishwasher!

It leaks and doesn’t clean worth a damn even with pre-rinsing.

100% Crap.

Whirlpool made Kennmore at one time.

I used to consider them a reliable brand.

Things change.

I have heard that these big companies are very responsive to Twitter. Here is their Twitter handle post a comment or concern there and see what happens.

They also have a Facebook page

Kenmore has never made jack crap!Never!
There is 5 maybe 6 man’s that make the junk we see today. Most if not all in China. Don’t fall in the trap of dissolution. We gave the last up during Clinton.

All appliances are crap. Bought all mine at HHGregg and in 5 years everything but the refrigerator has been replaced. HHGregg will never receive another penny from me. Multiple repairmen have told me to buy the unit with the least bells and whistles. He said all brands equally suck. Maybe some have better customer service

Go back and read what I wrote.

I never said Kennmore manufactured anything.:roll:

They used to come off the line at the Whirlpool plant in St. Paul MN.

Kennmore water softeners used to be made by Ecowater/Lindsay in Woodbury MN.

More info on US produced appliances here:

The technician told the tech support as I stood there that the DW was irreparable but they still insisted on more repairs, this time they want to replace the drum and inner door, it’s a joke, this will be 10 half days that I’ve had to stay home. From what I’ve been reading on google, this is a common occurrence with whirlpool procedures. I’m now taking to social media in frustration to highlight what clowns this company have become.
Thanks for the input…

Interesting thread, as my dishwasher broke a couple weeks ago, and I’m putting off getting one because I need new countertops as well.

So what’s a decent dishwasher? I just bought a new gas stove and fridge, both Frigidaire.

Also, its rental house that my mother in law owns (I’m just staying in it to fix it up for her), so I don’t want to necessarily get a $1000 one, just one that half way decent.

Hard to avoid Whirlpool - Their brands include KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana and others. I paid $1700 for my Maytag fridge and it’s been a noisy POS from pretty much day one…

I have Kenmore dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and electric stove.

One minor repair to the refrigerator due to an ice maker line leak caused by the installation not the box.

All 14 years old

All look and work as good as new.

I have heard that it would be tough to duplicate that with today’s appliances but I cannot prove that. :wink:

I bought a Whirlpool fridge 10 months ago.
Boy, it sure does look COOL!
That’s all the good stuff right there.

Noisy, the ice maker is very loud dropping ice into the container.
I’m used to it now, but at first I thought there was a burglar in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Wow they must have changed.

Mine is quite as a mouse and I hardly ever hear the ice maker unless I am getting ice from the door.

Where is it leaking from, and what is considered a drum in a dishwasher ?