Do you call out attached carpeting around toilets as unsanitary?


It may be ,but it is not something I would report as a defect.
Perhaps it would come up in verbal conversation.

Rare to see it but how about the kitchen also.

Heavens no. It’s no different from putting one of those special toilet rugs around it. Like everything in our homes, carpets need to be cleaned occasionally. Now if the guy in the house doesn’t know how to aim, perhaps he should go outdoors…

Of course I have heard you can pick up the toilet rug and throw it in the washing machine.:roll:

I do what Bob does, maybe a warning in the report, but not in the summary.

Nope. Don’t see how that could be considered a “material defect”.


You can have the carpet cleaned, too, even do it yourself. Sheesh. I thought you were better than that. :roll: No wonder I don’t come around here much.

Seems a bit more complicated that tossing a small rug in the washer.:wink:

I don’t call it as a defect but do mention it as a courtesy to my clients who may not have considered the problems associated with carpet in a bathroom.

A bathroom carpet would not be a “defect” that one would call out in a report…but in the Ozarks, it is best to warn people moving in from other parts of the country of the custom of wiping one’s self with the shower curtain in the absence of a corn cob - and to recommend that the shower curtain be replaced upon each new tenant.

Why not simply a basket of corn as a housewarming gift? :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps you can get them logo’d. :mrgreen::shock::twisted:

You mean like…“Use this to wipe your ASHI”?

Can an ASHI member say that and remain in good standing?:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like we will find out.:smiley:

“In summary, carpets installed in bathrooms tend to trap moisture, urine, and substances that can cause structural damage and health problems.”

I tell people to clean the leaves off their roof because it can cause the shingles to rot. I even tell people that wall paper can become an area for moisture to be trapped in high humidity areas of a bathroom and can cause mold to grow.

Good advise never hurt anyone, except someone wanting to sell the house or someone who make a sales commission.

How about this for advise…

Carpets in the bathrooms can trap moisture, urine, and substances that can lead to bacterial growth and fungi-mold issues, along with structural decay damage in wood floors.