Toilet (Throne)

Not sure if this is just a Philly thing but I see these installs quite often.
I note each as defective but the Realtor and Client do not seem to see a problem with it.

Missing guard rail??? I have never seen anything like that. And you say it’s common.

one from last city inspection… (2 weeks ago)

You people sure do poop funny.
Time to bring that town up to date on the modern ejector pump.

I reported the installation as Defective and in need of Replacement.
that is usually followed up…
with the explanation that All Homes in the Neighborhood have basement bathrooms like this.

You’re wound too tight.
I used to live in a house that had a toilet set up like that in the basement and it never gave me any trouble. I don’t see them often, but I don’t write them up unless there’s something wrong besides their location.
Trust me, when you live in a 900sqft house with one bathroom, an extra toilet in the basement isn’t a deficiency. Even if it is up a couple of stairs.

I am 1 of 8 Kids
who grew up in a 3 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom House…

I know that necessity is the mother of invention…
That does not make it compliant for future use…
A condition generally acceptable, needs to be reported as deficient when it actually is…

I report it for what it currently is…
not for what it was or intended when installed…
when someone gets hurt…
the only question an Attorney will have then will be “How you reported it”…

Maybe you encounter the homes of a lot of basketball players Joseph?! Had a bit of a giggle over those. Thanks.

It’s all good man - I didn’t say you were wrong to write it up, I just said I don’t.

I also said you were wound too tight, which you may have taken as an insult.
What I meant I guess is that you’re wound tighter than me.
I’m just not worried about the attorney’s questions in this instance.

Are you really concerned about someone falling off?
There are other reasons that it could be wrong right?
Ceiling height is too short, it might not be vented properly, maybe they piped it into the only clean-out on the main sewer line.

But then again, we’re not code enforcers are we? It’s also difficult to know what codes were being enforced at the time of construction if any…
So, if you’re not citing code, what are you writing up?

Edited to add:
That being said, I probably would have written up the one you show from two weeks ago, but only because there isn’t any place to put your feet. Not only does it look uncomfortable, but physiologically speaking, having your feet dangle isn’t conducive to using the toilet for what a toilet was meant to be used for.

Whats the problem? A safety hazard in case someone falls??

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that, but I sure wouldn’t be placing my clip board at the base of it - :-&

Maybe it was built like that for puking, so they don’t have to kneel down. :mrgreen:

And I would like to know where they hid the paper holder on that first one. And where are the grab bars to hold on when you really have a job to do?:):wink:

Wow this is a disaster, what if you had a Elvis moment, all i would say missing helmet clip .

I see many of those on the island properties. The lowest level is usually non-conforming space, and the toilet needs to be above the level of the septic tank inlet. Just saw one Friday in a million dollar home. Shower was up two steps, too.:cool:

I always evaluate a home as if my 79 year old mother with poor balance would be living in it. She would have difficult with that toilet installation so I would certainly note it as unorthodox.