Do you call this for repairs

If not perhaps that other org would be a better choice for you to join ASHI;-)

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a gas line in the return…

I see it more than I would like the above was an 08 install

That was one of the first issues I ever posted here.

That was just yesterday right:p

Ever have a two story with a return in the floor chase between the levels with a gas furnace or gas water heater on the second floor ya most likely will have a gas line in the return seen it many times

Can’t say that I’ve looked that closely, but I will keep an eye out.

Can the solid line pass through?

The code says NO gas line and it never mentioned solid or other wise

Perfectly OK here Cameron.CSA Clause 6.7.6 says it can go through a plenum return but not in the supply of furnace air.
All joints must be viewable for inspection and testing so they can’t be hidden.

Good to know. Thanks.

I called this one out return air in the floor cavity in the basement gas line cut into the return ???

Now that I would call out for sure. Still like to know what Code you are using Charley.

The code of “common sense”. The electrical wiring draped over the pipes is a nice touch!

Eric there are things that can’t just apply to common sense. Gas code is one of them since it is recognized all across North America.
Clearly states in our CSA Gas Code that “Piping or tubing may be installed in a false ceiling space, including one used as a return-air plenum of a central warm-air or air conditioning system.”
I don’t make rules for the Gas Code so I am asking what he is using for his base line. I also have a Teacher that can verify this info with one e-mail. He teaches for the CSA installation codes.

And, that code can’t be superseded by a local code, can it?

Some might also view it as a safety concern.
There may also be a code in place that states nothing is to be in the duct work.

Correct the AHJ has final Authority however I find that it is usually more tolerant note less at least here anyways and there are examples of people dying because of this.
So was Charley told this by the AHJ is all I am asking.
So Charley pointed out the issue to the 2nd floor.
Is it better to hide the pipe inside the wall then to go down the return air plenum?
“Common sense” would tell me No thus the provision of the Code.
Now given this information if I was acting as the AHJ and saw the gas lines going through the plenum like the picture he has, I would say it was possible for them to go above so I would ask for a change here.

Other thing Eric is I am pretty sure that is a PVC water line and not electrical over the gas line.

It is just the opposite here. As it should be. The code is a minimum.

I was referring to the second post Charley made, the Romex dangling over the pipe.