Do you check for WOG

Sometimes I get the label as Picky
Just wondering do other inspectors check for WOG

IMHO, that is a little much… :slight_smile:

If I were to check everything along those lines the home inspection would take a week.

Don’t think it takes that much more time to just look.
What if you had a water only valve installed in a gas line:roll: :roll:

Then I would say the gas fitter shouldn’t have a license.


This would be true but homeowners are not required a license;-)

No but they are supposed to hire competent professionals, or so they think.

That goes for home inspectors as well, but alas, there are alot of incopetent home inspectors out there as well.

Back to the original question, I could spend a week inside a house to check and document everything I see, but no one wants to pay for that. WOG is one of those things that personally I don’t focus on, you being an HVAC guy, would. Great, shall I make a list of things that I check that I am sure you wouldn’t? :slight_smile:

This could make for a great thread :slight_smile:

What ever blows your skirt up tickles me to death:p

Most of the homes that I inspect only have 4 WOG valves that have any intrest to me.

Gas cook stove, furnace, gas water heat and perhaps a gas log in the fireplace. If it would take me a week to check labeling on 4 valves I think I would find me another profession:) I see to many home owner installed water valves on gas lines but thats just me. Picky I guess

Good Advise

I agree-stove, furnace, water heater, and fireplace are the only valves of interest. If an odd type of valve is installed in any of these locations I suggest the owner change it immediately, make a note, and move on.

Around here the majority of the gas valves are strictly gas valves. When I see a potential water valve, I check it. As you say it only takes a flick of an inspection mirror.

Hmmmm I wonder how that soapy water got on there Charley? :smiley:

Good eye; You don’t miss much do you. I was wondering if someone would catch that.:slight_smile:

I thought they came that way! :slight_smile: