Do you check the dryer vent?

Roof top dryer vent.

Only when there is a screen. :wink:

It took considerable effort and several minutes to get the shot on this one, just a friendly reminder. :lol: Could a drone get this shot?

“Faulty dryer vents have been responsible for thousands of fires, hundreds of injuries, and even deaths. The best vents are a smooth-walled metal type that travels a short distance; all other types should be regarded as suspect, and should be inspected bi-annually to ensure that they do not contain trapped lint or moisture. Dryer vents should never been screened, but require a back-draft damper to ensure birds and insects do not make nests inside the duct. The termination points for all dryer vents should be identified and periodically monitored.”


“The dryer vents vertically. The lint trap must be kept clean, because trapped lint can rapidly turn into a fire hazard. Periodic disassembly and inspection of the vent is recommended to ensure it is not clogged.”

Of course not! A drone is not much good, other than taking a aerial view of the property. It don’t tell you if the roof is soft in areas, has undersized sheathing, lack of sealant on fasteners, cracks in vents, etc. At most times, it would not even pick up hail damaged shingles, unless the hail damage is extremely noticeable. The only one true way to inspect a roof, and that is by walking on it. If the roof is too steep, slippery, ice/snow covered, report it as a limitation and move on!

I do everytime…

Can we get a :thumbsup: smiley in here please?

Today’s inspection. :wink:

Yep… :smiley: :smiley:

Every time.

What the hell is that?

Panty hose over the dryer vent to keep the lint from getting all over the back patio.

I was scared to ask.:shock:


Some things are just better if you don’t know. LOL

Drones do not take the place of walking the roof regardless of what the short fat troll from the North thinks. I walk every roof that I can safely walk and that is more than most. I also use a Drone for those that are not safe. I can actually count the gravel on the shingle face but that still does not give one the over all feel of the roof. Nothing beats being on the roof.

One does not have to be on the roof to check a dryer vent. A clogged vent has a completely different sound when tapped on from in the attic.

Nice tip Charley! Thanks for sharing.

If it is accessible and visible, isn’t that our job???

Ever single narrative I have about dryer vents also includes the line “Remember to clean dryer vents on a regular basis as part of routine maintenance.”