Do you do it?

I know a home inspection is *supposed *to be non-invasive, and we should not move obstructions, but what do you do when every outlet in the house has a baby-proof cover over it? These people must have bought every one in the county. I started taking a few off to test the outlets but I stopped. The home owner/seller was at work, and I was there with the Realtor and Buyer. I wrote it up that a majority of the outlets across the entire home were not tested due to obstructions.

What do you do?

I usually only test a few never all plugs and say so in my report.
Same with windows just a few .

don’t diminish service because of a lil’ inconvenience

Screwdriver removes the anti-inspector devices real quick

I don’t pull them all off. One or two per room. That’s usually about all that are accessible in an occupied home anyway. My state’s SOP only requires testing one outlet per room.