Anyone test outlets beneath pre-fab fireboxes?

You might be surprised that some of them are not wired. If anyone later wants to add a fan, SURPRISE!

I test everyone I can get to. It only takes a few minutes longer. I know some guys just check one per room, but better safe than sorry.

I also check everyone I can find/get to.

Years ago, I discovered in one house (the seller was getting in the way with his many questions) to make up for lost time, I did the “couple per room” method. All checked good. It bugged me no end. So at the end of the inspection I spot checked a few more that I hadn’t tested. Guess what… found two bad outlets! Murphy’s Law at play! Never again. If I can get to it, it gets tested!!!

Almost 80% of the homes I am doing are vacant so I test every receptacle. But even those homes that are occupied I always test the plug under the fireplace. Most are wired to a wall switch, but some are not. Just something to let the client know.

My motto? Assume nothing.

I never test them, but will from now on.

Thanks Joe!

Marcel, in > 1000 inspections, I never tested them until last week. The 1st one I tested failed.

That is one of those moments that make you think. I think everyone has those oh crap moments.

Always test them, many are connected to a wall switch, so don’t forget to look for a switch!

Can someone post a picture of one? I don’t recall seeing any.