Do you have any Gray Poupon?



Nick, you look like a drunk that tried to climb into someone else’s RR! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

Who’s Jamie? (yeah…I know. I’m ignorant)

Well, Nick, I can only imagine what our friend Jamie looked like at that point!

Night night nick

What’s really going on here? There are two possibilities. A real gentleman with a sense of humor allowed Nick to pose inside his car for a giggle, because no one would be permitted to wear sneakers in a Rolls Royce. Or, more likely, Nick had this picture taken as a taunting souvenir when he and his gang were out stealing hubcaps. What else is Nick’s cohort doing crouched over in the background?

You noticed the sneakers as well?

I just figured it was a faux pas! :wink:

The car belongs to my firend Jamie who owns PRO-LAB at The knob sticking out of the black panel of the door is to a pull-out umbrella which I couldn’t resist using every time I got out. I may have been in tennis shoes but Jamie had on red shorts and a red t-shirt. We were having trouble finding a restaurant in Miami on Saturday night that would let us in with our attire, but luckily we were sporting some serious bling bling and that got us past the matrade. The Miami convention was fun. :smiley:

oh here’s another

But you get the point I guess.

This isn’t worth my time from someone I used to respect.

Correct, and I don’t want or need your respect.

BTW, I never posted in the thread before now!!

Get a life


You obviously missed the point.

The point being that LOTS OF PEOPLE POST PERSONAL TYPE POSTS in the Misc forum. Not just me. So bug off and go back to inflating your ego.

Nice wheels and stoogee there Nick. Must be nice.


Hey; Gerry!!

Need help here or are you alright.?? ha. ha.

Just an e-mail away.

Hope you’ve been well.