Do you have high-res images for our new Mold Inspection book?

Hi everyone-
We got all the images we need. Thanks for all your help.

Is this an InterNACHI book?

It is, yes. I’m an editor at InterNACHI, but I haven’t modified my signature yet!:slight_smile:

Not Sure if these are hi res enough? Just took them today. Bathroom ceiling looks like combo of roof leak possibly a few weeks ago during the Jan thaw and exhaust fan is very old and inoperable.


Mold in a crawlspace and mold on a wall once we removed the kitchen cabinets, also a picture of the backside of the kitchen wall once we took the drywall down. If you need them emailed direct to you let me know the address.


Hi everyone,

Anyone who contributes to this project will receive a nice box of stuff from Inspector OUtlet.

Loose shingle tabs at 10 year old roof.






Just went back and found some more. All from the same house. The thermal image is from the ceiling in the closet where you see the moldcicles and my moisture meter. The first is a basement wall, the second is the master bedroom closet where the trim on the siding had been damaged. The third is another closet where the roof had been damaged by a tree, and the fourth is the garage ceiling under the MB closet.




Mold in attic, at roof sheathing, caused by bathroom exhaust fan.

Attic Sheathing Mold [ATTACH]84015

Awesome. Thanks everyone, I think we have what we need. There might be more book-image requests coming up in the future, so stay tuned. Thanks again.

Found this in a newer home today on all the windowsills. Most likely caused from high humidity levels during this cold snap.

moldy wall/piano, a pic of me & the mold, my moldy license tag :shock:


Moldy Wall&Piano.jpg


Whatever ones they do not have, I will have. I probably got at least 10,000 mold pictures from the jobs I have done. Just tell what exactly is needed and I will find it.

Awesome are all the newest books going to be in hi res and color? an electrical one like that would be great. I love the books but the picture are of the lowest quality :frowning:

I’ll gladly send anything you request if I have them available. Good luck and thanks for taking the time to make the books better.

Much worse, and you’d wonder why someone was buying?

Nice pics guys.

Thank you to all who helped!!

We have all the pictures we need and I will be sending out the boxes today!

Got a nice box of books Saturday. Thanks.