Do you inspect Solar Systems?

Do you inspect any part of the solar system installation? Or do you totally disclaim it? In my area many of these are installed on tile roofs, and it is not uncommon for their to be extensive damage to the tile. It is also not unusual for their to be no flashing on roof penetrations. I made this short video highlighting some of these issues.

Do you?

I do.

A good source of information is here.

and here

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we do and can offer much more indeprh reports on PV systems than just about anyone ( between thermography and a background in designing and installing them)

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Thanks Frank!

Yes, yes I do.

Solar Panel Inspections during a Home Inspection - IM Home Inspection

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No, no , no, this solar system.

The main key about inspecting solar panels is it has to be part of the entire home inspection.

If you call me to tell me you are at the home and the home inspector you already hired is disclaiming the panes, no, I am not going to come out there and just inspect the panels for a reduced fee.

Because to do the job right, one has to inspect the roof, the attic, the electrical panel as well as the conduit and all points in between. Which is essential, most of an entire home inspection, and thus, I need to charge for an entire home inspection.

Adding solar to a regular home inspection does not take very much additional time, because I am already looking the roof, the attic, the electrical panel and all points in between anyway.

Exactly, I only do it as part of the home inspection.

Nope. And I would think if you do it you need some significant training on the electrical components. If I did it, I would charge way extra for the extra liability.

I spend a day getting one on one training from a solar installer.

It took me years to find someone willing to help and once I found him, it took another 6 months to get him to give me the training.

Because there simply is no class anyone can take to inspect solar.

Maybe you should write an article on it! Kicking myself for telling my brother to go ahead and become a chef instead of a solar installer. He could have been useful for more than dinner.

IAEI has seminars on inspecting PV systems.

There is good training here in Florida.

Florida Solar Energy Center

Thanks Greg

Nice video Frank. Thanks.

I inspect roofs, whenever possible, but have yet to inspect a roofing system with a solar system installed. When I do, I will be sure to remember your astute advice and pay particular attention to solar base attachments, fasteners, points of contact, sealing/flashing, penetrations and/or protrusions, pots, crubs, and overall wear, under and surrounding the solar panel installation.

Bingo! To fully inspect a PV system, you need to confirm proper wire gauges, conduit conditions, lightning arresting system, and quite a bit more.

Without quite a bit of specialist training, you’re better off inspecting the stand-off penetrations where they penetrate the roof and disclaiming the rest.