Do you know what this is?

At present the laundry tub drains into it. The house is about 80 years old. The slab is about 3" thick. And it is not a sump pump.

Probably a dry well.

Yep looks like it. I had one last week they just dumped it into the under side of the slab. Used the dirt as a drain.

Would you find a dry well in the middle of a city that was just starting to grow 80 years ago?

Mine was in the city, home was built for Secret city of Oak Ridge, Just a handy man trying to cut corners and not running a drain, Mine was not exacatly a dry well but same Idea. They just ran it where the Main sewer line cam up through the floor, Basically they used the dirt under the slab as a drainage field for the washer.

Thanks for your help guys.

Tom i am from Stoney Creek, remember 80 years ago Stoney Creek was farm land or a small rural community. They did not have all the city services all built up as it is today.