Do you pull service disconnects?

I’m glad I did today…:slight_smile:

Yep. Never seen that before, but I do run into the wrong size fuses often.

I havent either till today. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have found wires attached to dead fuses, copper pipe (like shown–Rating?) and the old VW trick fuses wrapped in tin foil (juicy fruit gum wrapper)

We are in the 21st century and have circuit breakers

Outside at the AC disconnects too?

Yep…haven’t seen a fuse in about 5 years

I did that once, on the first house I owned. Installed a new meter base and used 1/2" copper pipe, which fit nice and snug in the prongs where the new meter would go.

I’m not sure what the amperage capacity is of 1/2" copper pipe? :-k

The power guy wasn’t very happy when he saw it, though I explained I removed the meter before putting those pipes in the new meter base.

Still put in new fuse disconnects here. I would rather have them.

The ones out here (CA) that look like circuit breakers are actually only switches with the circuit breakers back at the panel

I always pull the disconnect. I’ve seen just about everything I can imagine used to bypass fuses, improperly-sized fuses and unequally-sized fuses. Most new construction uses non-OCPD type breakers, but I still see newer installations with fuses.

Sad so many feel Breakers are better then a fuse .
They are fasters to break the circuit then a breaker .
More positive then a breaker.
It is some people who do things with fuses that is the hazard.

Where did this go to in the house.