A/C electrical disconnect fuses

look what i found today :shock: … oddly enough i rarely pull the handle out, but for some reason i did today. glad i did so!! ill have to make that part of my SOP from now on.


Could be the unit does not require fuses. Still, they should have used a non fusible disconnect as I doubt if those pieces of copper are UL listed.

Nice cartridge fuses…Can you say FIRE

There are proper dummy fuses unfortunately they are hard to find and A piece of copper is handy .
This system should be protected at the Panel and this is just an Isolating disconnect, to alow the service man to work on the system and know every thing is dead.

AN unfused disconnect can cost more and are not as easy to find so this is done frequently.


Brian and Roy are right on. There is NO danger here, just a non-compliant install.
All I ever used for A/C condensors are non-fused pull-outs.

That’s funny Roy. Around here I can get non-fused pullouts everywhere for around $10-$12. Fused are just as easy to get but more $$.

I bet this guys either had the disconnect but didn’t have fuses, or didn’t realize he bought the fused version from the home center and again, didn’t have fuses with him.

Huh, I never thought of it that way. I guess because I’ve never ran into this type of situation. I guess the most important thing to consider in this situation is whether or not it’s properly protected at the SE.

And by the way…Thanks for the red square guys. I really appreciate it.

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Some one called them Pea Brains and I guess it fits .
I would like to Apologize for those who feel they must attack those who might not agree with their thinking .
We all are home inspectors and need the ability to disagree some times .
This usually leads to a great discusion where we all lean.
I guess Pea brain might just fit some of them.
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thanks for the replies. although i understood that the condensor is protected in the main panel, this fuseable disconnect is not being used properly. i dont like to see equipment installed and rigged together because the installer didnt have the right piece at the time.

in this case the unit was at least 60 feet away from the panel.

Still violated the intent of the UL approval on the piece of equipment, when we violate the intent of a product the product could cause issues. Notice the bent push in points, using a WHAT IF mentality here…I would call it out simply because it is improper installation and workmanship and a violation of the NEC®…but then again I am a NEC Junkie anyway.

The other concern is IF someone is willing to do this with a simply disconnect, we need to look at the main point of overcurrent protection and make sure it is sized properly…it compounds the issue if for chance the OCPD is also oversized and is not offering any protection and allowing an improper installation method to well…become a problem down the road.

Just my opinions…I never like to see equipment installed improperly but again since I am not nostridomas I will not make comment on it’s potential safety…lol

You can buy inserts to take the place of fuses .
I agree not the best practice.
The concern is with double fusing is that if there is an over load and a fuse blow .
John Q usually does not know they had double fuses and even if the did they usually have no idea how to find a blown fuse Most just change two fuses and carry on.
In this case they would have to change ( if the saw the two fused disconnect) 4 fuses.
60 feet away and out of sight thats why an Isolating disconect is needed at the AC.
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Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that setup. Usually found while checking the A/C unit and finding a fried relay, contactor or compressor.
The homeowner was usually the culprit, and usually said S*** alot when he heard how much it would cost to repair his handy work.

What are these red squares and how do I get one? :slight_smile:

Heck, even Archie Bunker had a fire becasue he put a penny behind an Edison fuse. :mrgreen:

so whats the concensus here… sounds like most of you would let this slide… not me :smiley:

Well…I think you know MY stand…anything that is altered other than it’s intent I would call out and let the chips fall where they may. My job is not to embark my personal feelings into the inspection…it is to point out potential problems and this could very well be a problem without knowing the OTHER factors that are involved…like the OCPD that is supposed to be protecting this setup entirely…so if you base it on the PICTURE alone…I would report it as I have no additional information to form a better judgement.

I don’t think that’s what’s being said.
I think most are saying it’s a violation and should be corrected, but it not really a safety hazard.

As long as the circuit is sized properly at the panel the cheap and easy fix would be to put two 60 amp fuses in and be done.



Please don’t miss understand my position. To me it’s a fire/saftey hazard to people and equipment.