Do you put one of these signs in the yard of the home you're inspecting?

Nice sign:

Nice Idea, my truck out front generally works pretty well but on a busy street where you have to park away from the house it a great piece of advertising.

Everyone does not miss my truck on any street for sure!

I like the idea.

My van sitting in the drive should do the same.

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Could either freak out the neighbors and/or get another radon test :slight_smile:

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Honest though lol

Now that’s funny! :slight_smile:

How about:

NOTICE: Termites actively swarming from this home. Call for your structural inspection today.

Nick I am having some made.
You making them for members?

I do use the signs. I like them especially on vacant homes. I’d hate for the police to be called to the home during the Inspection. It’s kind of like insurance for me. They are also nice when working on busy streets or on the highway. Great advertising! Realtors do it, why can’t we?

I like the sign during idea.

There are a ton of nosy neighbors out there.

I should know.

I am one :slight_smile:

Mike, you live in gated/restricted?

“walking past this house, is the second leading cause of lung cancer”

I would but they won’t be able to see the sign with the bus in the way…:smiley:


like the idea of leaving one saying inspected by _________. like the contractors do after remodeling a home etc.

You’re only on site for about 3 hours, hardly seems worth it. My truck signage does the same thing while I’m there. You can’t afford to leave them behind if you’re doing 5 to 10 inspections a week, you’d need 20 to 40 signs a month. It would take a whole day to drive around and pick them up if you left them for a few days, if the home owner didn’t throw it away the minute after you left.

Nope and no damn homeowner association either :smiley: