Do you recognize other training?

So Alberta is licensed but does not require association only training.
My training was done through Carson Dunlop $4500 and just finished.
540hrs over several months and 35 tests.

Been getting some insurance quotes…Here is the catch. They all want you to be part of an association.

Problem…Ive just spent months and over 4k in training and with CAPHI I would have to pass 7 more tests. In all to join CAPHI will cost an additional $1475 and more time.
I’m currently still working my old job and hoped to be up and running by next month but this has now set me back.

I could have done all this with InterNachi(recognized by Alberta) for $500. ugh

Does InterNachi recognize Carson Dunlop?

And the reason I did not go with InterNachi to start was because I’m releasing from the military and they pay for education but only from a registered school. Carson Dunlop is listed as a college.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you


I believe this is what you are looking for:

Good Luck!

Kyle Please try

**Greg Mathias, ** **780-205-9912 **
If that does not work please send me email and I will try to help you .
****Please keep me informed Roy Cooke

Thank you Roy