Do You Remember Where You Were?

**50 years ago today President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. **

Where were you when you heard?

I didn’t exist…

Neither did I…

Neither I

I was just a twinkle in my Dads eye :slight_smile:

7th grade math class. Had to stay in my seat for over 2 hours.

What a baby I was in Naval Boot camp class instructor anounced the President had been shot every one thought he was joking

Remember sitting in a school auditorium all day watching the funeral procession and everyone crying.
Very intense loss of the nation’s innocence.
Taps on the radio while I type this actually has me feeling emotional.
What a strong memory.

I was in a classroom.

I remember the teacher coming in the room with a very unusual look on her face before she told us.

One of my friends lived a couple of blocks away and was allowed to run home to get a transistor radio so we could listen for news.

Sitting at my desk at Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation. My first job after returning from a motorcycle trip in Europe. Did not really believe the news at first!

Nope… was only 1 year, 10 months old at the time.

I was 10 yrs from being born :slight_smile:

I was in gym class. As a fourth grader it really did not register what the significance was. They shut school down and sent us home. Being boys we grabbed a football and headed back to the school field for a pick up game. Needless to say that went over like a lead balloon with the school staff that had not left yet. We ended up playing the game in an empty lot down the block.

4th Grade Mrs. Markenson’s class… The day I became politically aware.

Sure, I was in first grade class and I still have a visual memory of the front wall of the class room with the sun streaming in and the Principle announcing the news over the PA system. Oddly enough I have no memory of RFKs or MLKs assassinations. It was a hellaciacious decade in many ways. Body counts on the front page everyday and the spectre of nuclear annihilation hanging over everyones head. The war finally ended in 75’ so I didn’t have to serve.

I was only one year old.

7th Grade and we were brought down to the auditorium to watch it on TV.
I was just a youngun Charley. ;):slight_smile:

I was in class, Went home everyone was watching the tv and wondering when war would start

Still pooping my pants

I was 2 years old and don’t remember the shooting but do remember sitting in front of the old B&W TV with the rabbit ears watching the funeral procession & crying because my Mom was crying. I’ll never forget the sound of those drums.