Where were you on 9-11?

Certainly a day none of us will ever forget. On the first 9-11 attack I was at a shop in central Ohio fabricating aluminum elevated walkway platforms to be installed at a water treatment facility in Dayton OH. The owner of the company walked in from the office and said “there must be a plane race going on in Cleveland, they’re talking about a plane that hit a building”. I thought nothing of it and continued working. A little bit later he came back out to the shop and said “the WTC has been hit by jet liner”, we speculated how could an airliner hit the WTC? I continued working, a bit later he comes back out and says another one just hit the other WTC tower… That’s when it hit me… We are under attack!:frowning:
The rest of the morning we stood in the shop and listened to the tv that had no picture in aww of what transpired that day. We quit work early, so shocked at the carnage that had taken place.
I went home, and at one point that late afternoon went outside and saw an airliner flanked by two small aircraft flying from due west to due east (air traffic had been shut down for many hours at this point) My immediate thought was “that is the President” and as it played out it certainly was. GW flying back to Washington from Offitt AFB in Nebraska. One thing that still stands out to me about that day is how all cell phones stopped working, and it still makes me wonder to this day, if when I pick up my phone and it is not working, if something happened.
I just hope this coming Thursday is not another day we all remember exactly where we were.

Snowed in muzzle load hunting elk and bear on the north side of Rocky Mtn. National Park near the Never Summer Range in Colorado. We had 3 bulls and 1 bear down, 3’ feet of snow, 4 horses and 5 guys in camp and when there is no snow it would take you 5hrs+ to ride out. We never knew for 4 days as we couldn’t get out.

I was on a construction site right on the lake (Erie) and I think that I was the only person in the area who worked that whole day.

I remember a jet that went screaming over at around noon, I never saw it, just heard it and later found out that it was going after the plane that went to Cleveland and then did a U-turn and was heading back east (Flight 93).

The homeowner kept coming out and giving updates but I remember it not hitting me until I saw the news for myself that evening.

I also remember reading the New York Times obituaries for weeks after that about everyone that had passed on that day, they probably posted 30 a day.

I was basement framing in the middle of nowhere. No cell phone and the radio was not working in the basement. The owner showed up at ten in the morning and asked if I had heard anything. He told me what was happening and I was shocked but also apprehensive. At lunch I went out to my truck and turned on the radio. No music just the announcer going on about a terrorist attack and what they were feeling. I still didn’t know the building had come down. After work I was driving home when the news came on explaining what was going on. When I finally got home my wife was sitting on the couch and I could tell she had been crying. We sat in front of the tv that night and didn’t even have supper. Just say and watched the horror unfold. I still get choked up a little thinking about it.

I was in the middle of an inspection in Lauderhill, FL.
I remember the seller yelling in the living room.
I ran out & stood there watching the TV with her.

Be safe everyone.
This Thursday may not be so good.

In Hawaii on a honeymoon

Wow, that is something. My brother used to be a F-16 mechanic at the air national guard unit stationed in Toledo. The unit is tasked with national security issues and has 3 fully armed F-16’s at ready 24/7.

Do you remember what you were doing? :mrgreen:

Kenny writes:


My brother Ben had just gotten married and was sitting on a plane getting ready to takeoff for his honeymoon when they grounded all flights.

Why do you say that?

My Dad is a retired pilot, that day he was flying near Portsmouth OH and after receiving the order to cease air flight and was returning to Columbus. He was in a small plane and heard on the radio a military aircraft describing his aircraft altitude, position, and direction as a “bogey” he immediately radioed "no bogey, no bogey, flight xxxx in route to his home destination. They didn’t shoot him down:D

Maybe be cause all of this ISIS crap, and our current administration thinks we live in Candyland. :shock:

I’m concerned “they” may try to pull off a terrible attack somewhere on the anniversary.

I was renting backhoe , to dig a foundation for the father -law ( he was a captain and flew bombing missions over Japan. he said that was not a mistake for the first one . the second time he didn’t say much. Not worrying about Sept 11 this year , if everyone did that the terrorist won and accomplished what they wanted

I was remodeling a kitchen and I went out to my truck to get something and heard some people talking in a worried and strange way so when back inside I turned on the customers TV and worked for a while as things were being reported. I ended up leaving early to be back with my wife and kids.

It was like the day Kennedy was shot, strangely quiet.

I was sleeping when the planes hit. Back then biz was good and I was mentally able to sleep in easily. I miss sleeping late :frowning:

I thought we would not make it back to the states .

I was in college at FSU, I woke up late and had to haul butt to make it to class in time for a test, I lived off campus so I drove and listened to a CD the whole time, walked into a class room that should have had a 100 people in it and there were maybe 15. Everyone was staring at a TV so I looked up and saw the coverage, this was maybe 5 mins before the second plane hit, I was shocked to say the least and when the 2nd plane hit I knew the world had just changed and I took off along with everyone else…my Dad was a NW captain at the time and was suppose to fly into NYC that evening…

Remember it clearly, I was starting demolition (ironically enough) on the back of house I was putting a large addition on. Beautiful perfect day, good to be working outside. Then the homes owner comes running outside to tell us a plane hit the World Trade Center and we’re assuming of course a Cessna or something. So we keep working and then the owner comes running out a bit later and tells about the 2nd plane.

The days following were quite eerie, not a plane in the sky, we’ll probably never see that again. And just driving around you kind of felt connected with everyone around you as we were all focused on the same experience.

standing in the conferernce room of the large construction company I worked for with several people watching live as the 2nd plane hit