Remembering 9-11

It’s been six years since the fateful day of 9/11/2001.

Do you remember how you felt?
Do you remember the uncertainty of the day?
Do you remember the fear?
Do you remember how helpless you felt?
Do you remember thinking-Where will they strike next?
Do you remember how strange the flightless skys looked?
Do you remember saying a prayer for this for great nation and it’s leaders?

What do you remember?

We must never forget.

This was a day that changed the lives of millions of people around the world, some more than others. This day must never be forgotten and most likely never will be. Today is a day when everyone should stop for a minute and remember the thousands of innocent people that lost their lives this day six years ago. Today is a day that everyone should stop for a minute and pray that those responsible for this inhuman act, be finally brought to justice.

Thank you, for reminding us Micheal.

9/11 Amnesia ](

Watched the General in front of the senate yesterday. Some of the senators absolutely looked like idiots. It made me sick. I bet the bad guys were watching as well saying if I was American I would vote for them. As if they know more about whats happening on the ground in the middle east than he does, they actually think most soldiers want to give up when I am sure most would want to give them the middle finger. The climate in Washington is way out of control. Went from bad to worse in the last elections for the house and senate.

Very good article! I see Hillary on the right side (of the article)!!! I wonder if she remembers and what she plans to do if she becomes President? Hmmmmm!

We can only hope that whoever is president would do the right thing. Unfortunately she or her husband showed no stomach for dealing decisively with terrorists when they had the chance. (remember the opportunity they had when he was offered up bin Laden?)

this should be somewhere else IMO
specially the political opinion parts

I agree Brian!!!
We all will remember 9/11 but the political comments are not necessary


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This thread was not meant to be political!

It was meant as a remembrance to be viewed by all and therefore I did not post it in a members only section.:slight_smile:

Not political :frowning:
my bad.:wink:

Brian, that is not a political opinion but a statement of fact.:roll:
If you are offended please PM me to discuss privately or start a thread in “Not for everyone”.:smiley:

That article is ONE mans opinion. And does noting to REMEMBER the people who lost their lives on 9-11-01.

It was like watchng that NBC crap last nite with commercial interuptions for Korean Air, that was kinda wierd.

His relating of events that he was a part of would seem to be a bit more than OPINION.

No comment on NBC. I didn’t watch last night.:wink:

That is how the “factual” article ended, and that my friend is an opinion.
And that is how this thread got POLITICIZED, it matters not that you don’t get it, it is what it is.

Yes that is his opinion but it is given based on the facts and is a very small part of the story. Are you disputing the “facts” he related?

My apologies for politicizing this thread. Shall we continue?