Do your selfer asked for a plumbing inspection

Had a guy call yesterday and ask me to do an inspection on his plumbing system. When I asked “why just the plumbing”, he states “I redid the plumbing and want to make sure all the pipes are where they are supposed to be”.

My reply “you performed a repair on your plumbing system yourself and want us to inspect this, where exactly was this repair done”

His reply “No, I completely tore out the old system, I took out all the polyvinyl and put in Pex and I want to make sure all the pipes are where they are supposed to be and make sure it works the way it is supposed to”.

My question to him “Did you have a plumber complete the work or was this a do it yourself project?” ( I asked again cause he said No, then continued his statement)

His reply " No, I did it myself and my neighbor suggested I have an inspection before I put up all the walls and close’er up!"

My Reply “Ok, I can come out an inspect the system and would be happy to assist, but if I find any defects, my recommendations could be to contact a certified plumber for repair, which means you would have to pay for the same question to be asked, twice. I recommend contacting a Plumber first, that way you only pay for the question once and any repairs one time” (Thought it was good to mention any repairs in my reply statement, so that to let him know that the neighbor was probably hinting towards an issue!)

His Reply " Isnt that what you do is inspect?

My reply " Yes, but something is telling me as a consumer to you as a consumer to call a certified licenced plumber and therefore you can get a cost estimate in case they find a defect"

His Reply “There is no defects, I did it myself, I just want it inspected before I put up the walls”

My Reply “Yes Sir, in my everyday professional opinion, and personal one as well. You would be better served by a plumber as my assessment evaluation only details things I find on the day I inspect, not to certify that it will work into the future, a plumber could be better suited to make that determination. I am sorry, I will have to decline and recommend calling … (provided a local plumber)”

Customer was annoyed and hung up after a few words I could not decipher.

Did I pass up on this inappropriately or did I save this guy money? My gut said stay away! Would you have?

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My first question would be…
“Did the AHJ sign-off on your Permit? You DID get a Permit, right?
I will need to see a copy of that before I can inspect your system.”

I suspect that he thinks YOUR inspection will ‘fly’ in place of the AHJ inspection, thus the pre-drywall!
He likely thinks he saved his money bypassing the Permit process/fee’s!!


Plumbing is a much different animal than electric in regards to disastrous DYI outcomes. So as long as he wasn’t seeking some type of guarantee or certification I might be willing to walk through the installation and provide my ‘best guess’ word salad summary for his ears only. As far as the permit is concerned it ain’t my business what other people do. Thing is if it were close by I’d probably do it for nothing.

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Your insurance will love that when those PEX fittings begin leaking inside the walls!!

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You did not. Stay in your lane unless you are a licensed plumbing contractor. Home inspectors lack the training and knowledge to size a system properly.


Yeah, although you may know the proper way to do it, as a home inspector you’re not providing code inspection services. And I’d simply state that it sounds like what he needs is an inspection by the AHJ, we’re specialists, and do not comment on code, or even sizing of systems, etc. I would have passed that on to AHJ in this cause rather than a plumber but both work.

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You did right thing, he was looking for someone to pay when his mistakes pop up later.

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I would have referred him to home advisor.