Do Plumbers Think Highly of Us?

Check it out HERE :p:p

One the bright minds over there sent me this:

I guess his reading comprehension skills are lacking because I posted that I had indeed seen them.

If you wish to contact this poor soul, here is his email

That’s funny Mike, I got the same email yesterday.

Apparently he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree:shock:

No the smartest part of a plumber ran down his daddy’s leg and they will have to go back to school to understand that statement

I was just banned from their forum :frowning:

They must be watching this message board; I received the same email as well.

I guess they can’t take the heat that comes their way. lol…lol…lol

I refer Qualified Plumbers from time to time myself. :smiley:

I think we have all had comic relief.

You: Making fun of plumbers in general and the stigma that goes with the trade.

Us: Making fun of all the idiotic statements that a small cross section of specific home observers make…

Pretty hard to find a qualified plumber in most areas they got booted out about the third grade don’t have much command of the English language ( See spot run) is about where they stopped reading:D:D

I have one good plumber in my area! He’s actually the guy I brought in to do this video…along with the real estate agent in the background. There was a small little pipe sticking out of the ground, right on the property line.

My brother owns a plumbing company and appreciates the business that I and other home inspectors send to him. Home inspectors create a lot of work for all the trades. If anything they should market to us.

I fixed the quote’s punctuation…

You should refrain from throwing stones without first learning rules of sentence structure and punctuation…


Perhaps you should have not come here throwing them in the first place buddy.

I see you are a moderator on that other forum yet you seems to just do as you please.

Notice you are not banned here like you did to our members.

You claim Inspectors are not qualified to inspect plumbing because we do not know code when on your very own forum you need to ask about Range Hood installation and if they are required to have a sprinkler system or not.

Talk about lack of knowledge in your own field…lol

Go back where you came from.
You are just some Union pushing rookie and only been certified for what…2 years.
Bet you would not know pex if you got slapped on the head with it thanks to dumb Illinois rules enforced by under the table payoff’s.

My forum is for those in the pipe trades only. Non plumbers are not welcome.

I am a Certified Plumbing Inspector. I gues that makes me qualified to post here. It also makes me superior in plumbing and pipefitting knowledge than any 30 hr. cracker jack box certified home inspector/ plumbing observer…

I faintly remember being a rookie. This would be year 20 since entering the plumbing and fitting trade.

How range hoods fall into the profession of plumbing, you will have to explain to me…

Sprinkler systems make grass grow. Fire suppression systems protect kitchens…

I have some pex I will gladly slap you with. Then you can tell me if it’s oxygen barrier or not by the feel, Mr. Observer…


The only thing you have shown here is that you are an asshole. The world has enough don’t need no more, go back to under the turd you crawled out from under

OOOOOOHHHH Bob, turd pusher got you on that one.:p:p

Dude you have no time in grade I worked in the trades for 40 years and have dealt with clowns like you every day trying to be a local AHJ simply explained you can not perform the work so next best thing become a city inspector

I can wire electrically a residential property, plumb residential property, install central heat and air in residential property WTF can you do beside run your mouth

Aw Chuckie I know you don’t meant that.

When confronted with the truth some folks lash out.

Lash Chuck lash…