Does a bathtub require an overflow drain?

Anyone know?

Hope this helps…
The ICC (International Code Council) has recently issued a ruling that they do require bathtub overflows in the IRC (International Residential Code) and the IPC (International Plumbing Code).

The Uniform Plumbing Code published by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) does not require bathtub overflows. IAPMO recognizes that real bathtub overflows do not exist and therefore it would be pointless to require them.

Home buyers and new homeowners believe that bathtub overflows will prevent their bathtubs from overflowing due to an unattended filling operation.

This belief is also held by many building inspectors and building code officials.

This belief is a myth.
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What about bathroom sinks where I usually see them in my service area.
I do test them & sometimes they are clogged.

Bathroom sinks are not required to have overflows so it follows suit bathtubs would not require them either.

Logical - thanks Bob.

So they really aren’t overflow drains at all.

That’s pretty interesting on tubs. thanks

I still don’t like the glass bowl on top sinks with no overflow protection.

I hate those ugly things.
The bowl is usually loose you can spin 'em.

Maybe they’re supposed to be used for something other than just washing hands, just make sure she don’t break it!! :mrgreen:

Just came across one of these old style tubs last week with the filler spout where the overflow is commonly found today

There is no overflow protection do you really think gravity flow through one of those little holes will stay ahead of pressure flow from a faucet. ???

What good is an overflow when the drain is clogged (tub or sink)?

Depends on how the big the overflow hole is. I thought everyone knew that? :roll:

Speaking of depends. What size do you wear?

Depends on drain pipe diameter as well.

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A sink overflow drain is just about the most foul and nasty thing you will find on the north side of a trap seal, short of the toilet bowl itself.


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