Does a certain vendor owe you money? I can collect it for you.

Just email me the amount you are owed and make sure the amount is accurate.

sent you an email

Lmao…this thread is hilarious! Good thing those guys from India complained.

I bet you wouldn’t find it “hilarious” if it was your money you were having trouble collecting.

I have not tried to collect, I should not have to. The fact that calls are not returned and emails go unanswered tell me everything I need to know about your friend Roewen. He owes me for four inspections @ $85 dollars each and $1500.00 in fees. He will never write the check.

What the hell are you talking about? I have been complaining about this for MONTHS…where have you been?

See how much you are in touch with Florida Inspectors. I posted that on 1/20/2012!

I can’t read every post. Anyway, I traded something to get Preston’s check. I’ll work on John’s next.

3/8/2012…Once again trying to bring this to light…

You should not need to trade anything for what is right. Do NOT do that for me, I do appreciate the support though. Please don’t make deals with the devil for my sake, I do not need or want the money that badly.

Man, I love your professionalism…Nick traded something to get something that was properly OWED to the person doing the work!

Is that how it works now?

You’d make a lousy lobbyist. LOL.

Anyway Preston’s check is fairly substantial and I’m not going to let him go unpaid. Did what I had to do.

Trading one favor for another is one thing, but trading two favors for one is just poor business.

I can say more about it but my morals do not allow it.

Hey Nick,

How much $ to make the bum stop emailing me with offers of 2k a week working for him…

I can’t afford the cut in pay!

No, the State Attorney should have made someone do the perp walk.

We are close but not there yet. Got a some but not all. I hope you didn’t trade too much

To bad you cant file a labor lien…They crafted the whole scheme to weave through every loop hole in labor law.
Hope you get paid.

Trading something to get something done, that should have been done in the first place is just wrong.
ID should “Pay that man”!