Anyone wanna guess what likely would have happened?

Today after being called before I was supposed to call a client for her wind mitigation which she did not send an email or call to confirm as she said she would for today’s inspection I got a surprise.

I called her back and she said she was going to the building dept against my suggestion to get a Roof Permit History Report she said she already had and could have likely found online.

I then requested she called me if there was any possibility she would not be back by 10:00am “this was around 8:45am” as she was the first on my list and only a few minutes away from the office. I even said I could come later in the day if it was better for her. She of course said sure she would call for sure no problem.

Well I did not really have to much faith in her and was in no rush so at about 10:10am I just inputted her’s and my city in the GPS ans had her house number inputted in.

Guess what…

At about 10:12 3 or 4 minutes before I was supposed to be there and she had confirmed the time and said she would call if any problems arose my phone rang.

Guess What?

When she went to the bank to get my $70.00 she discovered someone had emptied her account :roll::roll::roll::roll: Wow what a shocking discovery it must have been for her.

Now I ask you all if she did not go to the bank to get my money and just decided top pay with a check as most would love to do what do you think would have happened to me???

I would have had already delivered her report this afternoon and a few days later I would get hit with a $30 dollar fee. She would already have submitted her report and likely save a bunch of money because I am so good at what I do :wink:

How easy do you all think it would then be for me to collect my to her piddly $70 plus the $30 that of course was not her fault because “someone” emptied her account.

I would just about bet anything the phone would never get answered and she would of course never be home because she was hard at work…

Reason 1001 why I accept cash or money order ONLY UPON my arrival BEFORE I begin.

What I cannot understand is how this apparently never has or does happen to any of you out there? Especially those who do a ton of insurance inspections?

I know it must why do you not ever speak of it?

What is the moral of this story you might ask?

If they cannot pay cash then you better watch your A S S on small dollar inspections or you will get screwed big time.

On a positive note.

After driving all the way to Hialeah for 1 wind mit a sweet old Cuban lady gave me a home made Cuban Coffee. Mmmmmmmm. She asked and I started to say no as I did not want to put her through the trouble but when I looked around the corner it was in her outstretched hand :slight_smile: I gratefully accepted. Brought back memories of my younger days doing Stucco work in Miami but hers was much better than most and not a tiny little paper cup, at least a double :slight_smile:

I do actually come across a few nice folks occasionally :slight_smile:

Probably, because when you do your job properly, getting the permit information instead of making a client do it, for instance, the client will appreciate your efforts and you will never have to worry about getting paid.

Then again, when you charge three times as much, “that” type of client rarely tries to “screw you”, as you put it.

The real moral is not to charge “small dollars” for anything! :slight_smile:

$70.00 doesn’t even fill the tank of the Durango!

Over 12 years of me doing this. Only been screwed once. I would get zero business here if I asked for money order or cash.

Different strokes for different folks, but I make it super easy to pay.

Over 20 years for me and only didn’t get paid once. It was the last time I took payment at closing. The closing didn’t take place and the guy had to be “baker-acted” at the closing. That was back in 1996.

70 bucks, I see you have raised your prices:D

You should have been a nice guy and done the inspection for her anyway. Now is she not only out her money in the bank, but she has to pay higher insurance costs because she does not have your report to help her save money. Sometimes it is not all about the money. Its about the circumstance and the person.

I think you are looking for ways to justify your “cash only up front policy”, so these situations “find” you, in a manner of speaking.

I have had only one bad check in the past 13 years, not something to worry about. And yes, I accept credit cards as well, never been burned there at all.

FWIW, if I called a vendor and they told me “cash only, up front” I’d hang up and call someone else. Try looking at it as a customer would.

Your mileage may vary.


You weren’t actually laughing at her because some thief emptied her account were you?

I think we have only not been paid once. We never collect cash. I agree if we said “cash only” we would not get any work. We also don’t do any inspections for $70.

A CMI demands more money Bruce

Agreed…Meekers way goes against the grain of traditional home Inspectors ethics.

Yeah that me a real Santa HO HOI HO :smiley:

Do I was doubting the story. If true that truly sucks :frowning: Especially at xmas time.

I try :smiley: I like getting what I earn.

I think Once I did not get a job because of the policy. When questioned I explain the reason and ALL seem to understand :slight_smile:

Believe it or Not my prices vary constantly based on many things but the Ads always pretty much stay within 10 to 15 dollars.

Yes, and what is truly amazing, is that for the last six months at least, amazing has been spelled wrong! :mrgreen:

At least you have finally admitted, contradicting some of your previous statements, that you do charge 70 bucks for a wind mit. :mrgreen:

Then again, I guess it is a good deal for your clients…they get the cheap price, then call others to fix their reports… :wink:

amazming is better than amazing. Thats funny as I just went to the eye DR. cause I cannot see for crap anymore. I do than on the big monitor and still could not see it.

I real good guy would have told a guy a long time earlier. You know like I would have done :slight_smile:

I’ll have it fixed before I head off to donate some time to my local elementary school slinging lunches like I do just about once a week.

No one ever said I was a “real good guy”…especially when it comes to business. :slight_smile:

Have you ever had to fix one of my reports? I am curious as I would want to know I made an error so it does not happen twice.

I have told numerous individuals how to go about getting the credits they thought they deserved. I have also found the information for them, for free. A couple were yours.

The following has nothing to do with you Mike.

There are numerous ways to perform home inspections and these insurance inspections. I try to obtain everything I can prior to going to the inspection. In most instances, the wind mit, four-point, and roof cert, are already done and all I need are the pictures. That is how I operate.

Each one of you can operate your business any way you choose…but, if you have problems getting paid, get annoying phone calls, etc…, you might want to change your business model. As the kids say, “just sayin”. :slight_smile: