Scumbag in Weston, Florida

Do not do a wind mit for a guy named David on westwood lane in Weston, Florida without first contacting me.

He just screwed me :frowning:


Dont ask… Don’t tell.

I answered his questions during the beginning of the inspection. When we finished walking the exterior he decided he did not want an inspection.

Send him a bill Micheal. Time is Money

Not according to the cop I called.

Small claim court is the only option. Not cost effective.

Here is a little trivia game for you all.

If a person claims to be the police and does not show any credentials just says it. Is he breaking the law?

Why didn’t you get him to sign a PIA before the inspection?

Not many have folks sign anything before such a small dollar transaction.

The the result would be the same to get the money anyhow. Take them to court.

I am considering payement upon arrival to deal with this crap.

It is just not in my nature to not answer questions and such during an inspection.

Doing so has cost me at least three times that I remember.

One of the things I love about this profession :frowning:

Even if someone screws you for the cost of a whole inspection I do not think it would be worth taking them to court. All the time and all the hassle and all the addition pissed offness. for a few dollars.

Yes I am aware that pissed offness is not a word :slight_smile:

Don’t get mad, get even.

Three times and you still haven’t learned your lesson??? :wink:

You would lose there as well. You never provided him with the service he contracted you, verbally, for.

In any event, could these issues have been handled over the phone, prior to going out to the property?

Not when he is associated with the blue wall.

Then I grin and bear it.

I learned a long time ago

Never screw with cops or their close associates.

Sad but true.

Okay, step back a look at this another way. Perhaps, during your conversation with said individual he decides you (or another inspector, not just you) isn’t up to his standards or he does not believe (notice I avoided the word “feel”) your are the right person to do the job for him. Other inspectors have discovered this; talking too much before, during, or after the inspection without benefit of having the check, cash or money order in your hand or a signed contract in your possession can bite you (or the other inspector) in the butt. This is a business! period! Conduct it like a business and you will avoid many if not most of the problems you keep having. Agree to discuss all of the elements “after” your inspection, not during and get your money up front. We have all been there, learn from those who have gone before you and had to learn the hard way. They are NOT your friend, you are not there to be their “Dutch Uncle” and to save them from the big bad insurance company. Leave that to Mike Holmes. Just the do the inspection straight, keep to the facts and let the chips fall where they may. I see lots of inspectors who think it their goal in life to “help” the customer avoid doing what they need to do and that is upgrade the home…same for 4 point inspections. I hear sob stories all the time. The home is what it is, not your job to soft soap it.

Sounds like good advice to me. I am considering being paid upon arrival.

Truer words never said, they pay us for an inspection we conduct and a form we fill out. Nobody says the form will be good for their interests with the insurance company. IF I were a lic GC I would be concentrating on installing the retrofitted straps, not doing wind mits, these inspections are chump change by comparison.

I collect at the time of inspection or jusy as often, online before I even get there.

Try this Mike - Upon arrival, let them know you are Mikie M. , here to perform their inspection today, you are very glad to meet them and the fee for the inspection today will be $$$. payable by check, cash, CC. How would you like to pay for that today?

If ( rarely) someone says don’t you collect payment after the job is complete?
Simply say, sure I can do that. However UNFORTUNATELY I can not discuss any findings until I receive payment.
If I receive payment now, you can tag along and I will point everything out as I inspect. ( EXCEPT THE ATTIC! )
Works every time.
I put those people on list so I can call them when I am in the mood for it and poke them with a stick.

Love it and will likely implement it.

Sad thing is it is so against my nature :frowning:

It is against mine also…but it is required and people really do not mind.
The few that do complain are probably the ones who you should be leery of!

I agree and was thinking the same thing. Thanks.

I will likely learn this lesson the hard way as I have always felt that the service comes before the money. I have never had an issue but I can see it coming by this thread.