Does Anybody in Barrie Know this guy?

Click on the website link and you’ll see why I ask.

Peter Frueh
Simcoe Home Inspection Services, LLC
» Peter Frueh is based out of Barrie, ON.
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Phone: (705) 734-4600

Looks like he went out of business…ayyy?

Thats a “parked” web page. He obviously like David mentioned, went out of business or did not renew his web domain name. Thats why it says “This Domain is for sale” at the bottom.

More than likely forgot to pay for his domain renewal or cancelled his account. It’s still being hosted at ala mode.

Wow, is she ever pretty!

He is well established in Barrie. He is an OAHI member, I saw him at an OAHI meeting in March. I did not hear he quit the business. (Actually I heard he was seeingthe broker of record for Royal Lepage in Barrie)

I think he allowed that domain to expire.

Looks like he’s using an A la mode right now.

Simcoe Home Inspection Service

That should ensure he never “rubber stamps” a property!!! There ought to be laws…

If, as per Alexa Rating, there is activity, when a site does not get renewed there are several firms out there that buy the site, and attemot to sell it…usually back to the original owner.

This one is owned by

Guys, Peter was never into web pages, I met him a couple of times as he wanted a partener. But he changed his mind and then changed its again :slight_smile:
and took on some one else.

I had a look at his site about 2 weeks ago and it was up. But he probably let it go as it wasn’t valuable for him…

HE was also talking of retiring back then so who knows.


From what I hear he is a busy fellow. Been in town almost 20 years. Like Steven mentioned the web thing maybe isn’t his cup of tea.

Thanks guys. I was going through Barrie members and saw this site. Since nothing was there, was just curious.

He wants $4975 for the site…