NICK Please Help!

I’m getting pretty tired of OAHI publicizing that their designation is the “only designation recognized by the Ontario government”. This is a slap in the face of all who inspect in Ontario and never felt like paying out the @ss for the meaningless title of Registered Home Inspector (RHI) from a bankrupt association with barely a footprint in the Ontario inspection industry in terms of membership. Its basically a nice way of saying-“you dont pay us, so you’re a fraud. Buyer beware he isn’t a Registered Home Inspector!” Yes, the government recognized the title for their members. Yippy. It should not be touting itself as the governing body of all of us. Or the only one that matters or is “legit” in the industry. This week alone I had to explain to 3 potential clients what InterNACHI is and what OAHI isn’t. If I haven’t been booking 2 a day for the last 3 weeks I’d be infuriated. But wasting time to explain this to the public is trying my patience. I have no issue educating anyone who has a question about this industry. Ever. But, this whole “RHI is the only real deal” thing needs to be squashed.

Nick, you conquered ASHI now PLEASE help out your over 650 Ontario NACHI Home Inspectors. Those in the biz know what InterNACHI represents. But maybe it’s time the public knew too!


Is anyone getting these questions? I love that the public is doing their homework about us, but feel like what they are getting is a lot of one-sided information. This isn’t typical for me, but 3 in the last few days was a little eye-opening.

Nick is already doing what he can it is Ontario Home Inspectors that are not. I would explain what I mean by this but this is an open forum for the public. However you are correct with everything you have said and your eyes are wide open Stuart.
No! don’t ask me to put it in the private section either as this MB is mostly American HI’s commenting.

Nick does not see all post’s

If you need help using the InterNACHI website, or for any other questions, email instead.

For my 12 years in the business I was asked only once and not by my client but by an agent. The majority of people do not know, don’t want to know and don’t care what association you belong to as long as you do a proper job.

Well you might want to look at this Yuri!
BTW this was given to me by someone that has a passion for what is right.
I like the comment about should all Home Inspectors be taught about grow-ops:shock:

Well, Kevin, you should ask your “friend” what association does he belong to? People find home inspectors by various ways but I never heard that someone chose a home inspector ‘cause he belonged to the particular association. Its all associations’ own heap to say that “my dad is better than your dad”. General public has different perception how they choose professionals. Its the same as someone would say that they chose Realtor based on the office. Everyone chooses an individual that he is comfortable to work with, not the association this individual belongs to.

Not around my neck of the woods!

I must agree with Yuri on this one! Most people and most realtors couldn’t care less about associations and designations. Word of mouth and referrals are the way to go.

We all love to hate Mike Holmes but he puts it succinctly when he states and I quote:
“Good home inspectors are worth their weight in gold because they will help you make an informed decision.” and further he states: “the best inspectors are people who have worked in the home building or home renovation world for years.”

Love him or hate him you are foolish to knock him to a client. I advise that he is 'Mr. TV and leave it that.

I will agree that he has made great strides now but at the first. Yikes!

Ok, maybe its just in my neck of the woods. It’s happened about half a dozen times in the last year for me. Information is available for those willing to seek it, but truth and clarity on the Internet can be a bit deceiving.

PS- Thanks Roy for your email. Very interesting to say the least! :slight_smile: