Automated phone notification of consumers/REALTORs seeking members works in Canada.


I just tried calling myself took 2 minutes

Great Benefit

It took only 30 seconds for me

You, guys, are somewhere out in the woods. I got a phone call for less than 5 seconds!:mrgreen:

Hey Nick
I just tried to look myself up and there are no inspectors listed within 60 miles of Kingston Ontario. No I know I am living well within that limit as I can look out my front window and see the “little smoke” from here.

How do I get listed ?
How do I get listed close to Kingston ( which is where 90% of my business comes from)?

Works with a postal code, but not city/province?

Michael, yes it does work. What city do you find it not working in? I see it working for every city, province.

Sorry, forgot the comma in between.

Could someone please try Corner Brook, Newfoundland for me. I can’t seem to get any results entering it as either Newfoundland or Newfoundland and Labrador.

Thank you

Corner Brook, NF worked great for me. You are the only one listed:


Search Results Print-Out

Below are your search results, listed by distance from Corner Brook, NF, Canada. Feel free to search for home inspectors again.
Please note that in an attempt to prevent spam, you can only send e-mail directly through the InspectorNow website.
Keith Sherstobetoff
Periscope Home Inspection Inc.
» Keith Sherstobetoff is only about 0.41 miles away from Corner Brook, NF.
E-Mail: Send Keith Sherstobetoff an E-Mail
Phone: View Keith Sherstobetoff’s Phone Number
Phone: (709) 632-6600


You can find this page again by visiting and searching for “Corner Brook, Nf”
Thank you for using InspectorNow!

Thanks Nick, Chris, and John…I just got mine working. Talk about fast…:stuck_out_tongue:

The “id” number was a little tricky to put on my site,
FYI, to get it working, I found the actual ID number that worked by just going to the InspectorNOW site, and finding my listing,
then right click on the
“phone number:xxx line”
Viewing Properties,
and embedded in there is the “id number” that you input to your code, on your website…
It brings up the “fill in the phone number and email to contact you at” page,
Cool deal.

I just used to contact Keith (above) in Newfoundland and he called me back at my home just now.

I agree with Nick, it worked really well.
Now, if we can just get them to change that Nf to Nl we would be all set;).
Thanks for your quick attention to this Nick.

I’ve emailed Chris to see if he can make it both NF and NL. Most people I know use NF and it was news to me to discover that NL is also used.

Member David Valley has made us a bunch of new cool buttons. See last line in